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About PUA Ratings – Who are we?

The Seduction Community

The ‘Seduction Community’ was formed somewhere prior to the 90’s, and took shape with the advent of a Usenet discussion group that focused on new and original ways to pick up or to seduce girls very quickly and more effectively, some even say systematically. The group’s name was, not surprisingly, Google’s archive of that newsgroup dates back to 1994, when the group was formed.

There were a few revolutionary concepts in this new community. First, people world wide finally had a central gathering point where they could discuss the topic that, let’s face it, is prominently occupying almost every male’s mind — getting girls. But that in itself wasn’t that groundbreaking. The groundbreaking thing was the community’s mentality, which was very different from what we usually hear about ‘dating advice’.

These guys certainly weren’t using tactics like ‘just be yourself’ or ‘buy her flowers’ to get women. Nor did they go in the direction of ‘get her drunk’ or ‘just lie to her and tell her that you love her’. Furthermore, although many of the community’s members learned to be great with women, most of them were far from resembling the typical ‘stud’ that we may imagine when we think about a guy that gets a lot of girls.

I mean, I have a friend who gave me this great advice on how to pick up girls on the street: ‘Just stand there, wait until a girl stops and smiles at you, and then just ask her out’. Yaa.. well that does work for him.. and it may work for a few people.. but this is a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger teaching you how he wins in a street fight. He’ll probably say: ‘Just stand there, don’t worry. If the guy you’re fighting will hit you, it won’t hurt anyway. Then just punch him, don’t even use too much force, and he’ll fall to the floor unconscious. No worries.’ This may work well for Arnold, but for us human beings, things just don’t always click that way.

So people in the community decided that taking no for an answer is not an option, nor is just hoping, praying or begging for something to happen. Rather, these guys used their wit and started coming up with innovative ways to get women and to handle the interactions they had with them, let it be quick sex or a long term relationship. They used concepts taken from social psychology, cognitive psychology and NLP, hypnosis, and also simply their common pool of experiences, and applied it all so to understand the world of male-female interaction better, and to utilize that understanding in a way that made both sides much happier.

As the years went by the community grew and also started getting some more publicity, mainly due to some of its more charismatic members starting an even newer concept: They started to teach men, in classes and seminars, how to improve all aspects of their love life and how to get women. Things got even more extreme when finally there were those who were offering live training ‘in the trenches’, taking their students to bars, clubs, malls and busy streets and giving them ‘hands-on’ training in how to pick up girls, no less.

The once underground seduction community started becoming more and more widely known, and so did the ‘seduction teaching’ trend. The growing popularity of the Internet helped spread the word about some amazing success stories of once-useless-with-women-now-unstoppable-players, or in community jargon, about average frustrated chumps turning into true Pick Up Artists (code named: the PUA, a highly respected and desired title). To top it all, a best selling book came out recently, written by a guy that took a journey into the seduction community and transformed himself, with the help of his seduction mentors, from a total loser with women to a prominent Hollywood stud, a master PUA, without being a celebrity and without having any good looks to assist him.

Ok nice.. so what’s PUA Ratings all about?

With the increasing popularity of ‘how to get girls training’, we now see a larger than ever variety of seduction and dating products being offered to help us better our lives when it comes to women. There are books, e-books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, workshops, ‘bootcamps’, phone consultations, ‘in-field’ training, one-on-one training, online training, and what not, all offered by a variety of ‘PUA’s.

Many of these seduction ‘gurus’ are indeed truly masters of their craft, yet nevertheless as in any trendy field, some of them do not offer as much value as others. And, as in any trendy field once again, there’s so much sales pitch going on, that it’s getting harder and harder to see who’s truly better than the other.

So, we decided to build a tool to help us make a more informed choice when we’re looking for a dating product.

This site is unique because we do not have any hidden agenda or any bias towards one dating product or the other. What we do is list the dating products, provide a brief description of each one, and we let our site members review them and rate them.

These are actually you guys – who are using the products, and want to take the stage and write what you have to say. How did the product help you? Was it worth the investment? What does the product really offer? These reviews have no sales pitch and no gimmicks – it’s honest opinions written by you and by people like you.

Besides the review narratives, we have a numerical rating system. As ratings accumulate, each product eventually receives a total average score and total subscores. If you’re too lazy to read the reviews (although you shouldn’t be!), the ratings numbers speak for themselves.

We also have our proprietary comparison engine, where you can get direct answers to very common questions like: “There are 2 seminars I consider taking and I have a hard time deciding between them. Which one is better?”

What if there are fake reviews written by people with hidden interests to promote or demote one product or the other?

We take and will continue to take quite a few measures against possible attempts to manipulate the integrity of our review system:

All reviews are moderated. We are not obligated to, and we will not, publish a review if we suspect that it is not honest.

We spend a lot of time in this community and we learn to recognize review trends and members’ behaviors. If we suspect that someone is dishonest, we are not obligated to publish his reviews.

We do not accept half-assed on-the-fly reviews, written just so the reviewer will get a chance to affect the numerical score of the product. If all a reviewer has to say is ‘this product sux’ or ‘this rox i scored 10 times in 5 days love ya guys ciao’, he can forget it, we will erase the review and the rating will obviously be automatically removed from the calculation.

So, if someone wants to tilt the score of a product by posting 20 fake reviews, he’ll have a nightmare of a time coming up with 20 different narratives.

You should also use your own judgment – if for instance a product received negative reviews, try to see if you share the reviewers’ attitude and if their opinion is relevant to you. For example, if people complain that ‘there are no openers and routines in this product so it sux’, you may allow yourself to disagree and decide that the product may be right for you after all, because you’re not about reciting routines anyway.

What are the guidelines for writing a review?

To write a review of a product or live event on, simply visit the Submit Review page and select the item you’re looking for – or just visit the relevant page and scroll to the bottom to fill out the rating form.

You can leave a rating in the two categories (Quality and Value of the product), and/or a text review of the product. You should also specify whether you purchased the product or not. The more elaborate you wish to be, the better. If you wish to write a short and to the point review, that’s fine, but if you have a lot of say and want to write a very long review – that’s more than welcome and will help people even more.

Try to tell us things like how did the product help you, what sticking points did it help you overcome, how did it change your thinking, what epiphanies you had thanks to it, how did it improve your life, and how did all of this show itself in the real world – share with us your true experiences with women and in general that were affected by what you learned. Did you test your new skills ‘in the field’? How did it go? We want to hear it! Live experiences are everything.

Was the product worth your time and investment? Do you have any general comments about the product? Suggestions? Complaints? If you have negative opinions, don’t be shy about writing them as well. We need your review to be honest. Were you disappointed? Did you find that the product is not helping you? Tell us about it.

How can I submit a new product/live event?

Found a product or event that’s not listed? You can leave a review in the usual way, by visiting the Submit Review page, but select ‘Add New’. You will need to fill out all the item’s details, the website for more information, the price, etc. Please be as accurate as possible and save your actual ‘review’ for the relevant section.

What should you NOT write in your review?

Well.. guys are known to have some amazing success stories inspired by what they learn, and we do want to hear them in full, but do not get into intricate and over explicit sexual details, if you get the point. Do share the story, but don’t write a porn narrative ;)

We do want to hear your negative opinions if you have them, but useless releases of anger (such as ‘this crap sux skru this shit yo’) will cause your review to be deleted. Keep in mind that we want to benefit from reading your review. The same goes for writing something positive like ‘this seminar rulz biaatch’ and nothing to explain yourself further. This ‘review’ doesn’t benefit us, we didn’t learn anything from it.

Finally, please do not write dry content that’s just listing information about the product. Meaning, if it’s an e-book for example, do not start posting paragraphs from it, the table of contents, chapter summaries you made, and so on. Do not list the price, whether they accept paypal or not or whatever. We will take care of that information from our side, and there are also various copyright issues to be considered here.

What we want to hear from you is your personal experience with the product, and your related personal recommendations.

Support, Feedback and Suggestions

Having technical problems? Site is slow? Getting error messages? Awkward display on your browser? Account problems? Any other issues what so ever?

Please write to [email protected]

Do you have general comments about the site? About the content? The rating system? Technical suggestions? Bug reports? Design suggestions? Any requests? We more than welcome your feedback!

Please write to [email protected]

For further contact options, please go to our Contact Us section.

Site rules and disclaimers – this needs to be said:

We do not tolerate any offensive content of any kind, posts with nothing but malicious intent, any discussions about anything  illegal (including and not limited to copyright infringements), any racism or other abusive behaviors towards other members, and any suggestions for violence or for causing any harm to others or to oneself. This kind of content or any content in similar spirit will be erased from the site and the members responsible for it may be removed from the site as well, along with other content they may have posted in the past. If you intend to ever post such content, you must leave this website right now and never come back.

We reserve the right to moderate the content of this site. We may erase content you have posted such as reviews, ratings, forum posts and so on if we find them, at our sole discretion, to be dishonest or otherwise offensive. We are not obligated to inform you about such actions, or to explain them or the reasons behind them to you or to anyone else.

If you post links to seduction products or to their respective websites in the forums or in other places on this website, we may modify or remove these links. You may, of course, talk freely about seduction and dating products, but posting direct links to their web pages may not be in line with the site’s guidelines regarding promotions of products.

The content of this site is created only in good faith and with the utmost honest intention of helping people of both genders better their lives. However, we cannot and do not take any responsibility of any kind in any way shape or form for anything that may or may not happen to you, or to any other person or entity or object interacting with you, as a result of you being exposed to any content or information on this website or as a result of you being a member of its community. You take full and complete responsibility for your actions and for their effects on yourself and on others.

Similarly, we list products that to the best of our knowledge are aimed at bettering people’s lives and do not aim to hurt anyone or anything in any way. However, once again, we do not take any responsibility what so ever for the content of the products listed on this website or for the effects this content may directly or indirectly have on anyone or anything.

If you do not agree to the above statements you must NOT use this website or its content in any way shape or form, and you must leave the site right now and not come back until you accept these terms in full.

Well enough of this stuff, please proceed to the top of the page to read all about PUA Ratings and about the Seduction Community..