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Adam Lyons (PUA) – Is He Really The Best Pick Up Artist?

Considering that PUA started as a movement where people deliver canned material exclusively in bars or nightclubs to women in the hopes that something would hook, they’d be in, and they could sleep with them, there’s a remarkable amount of difference in people’s approaches.

In the world of pick-up artists, some people come along and change the paradigm – and for the last few years, the man who has been considered the number one pick-up artist in the world is a dude named Adam Lyons (also known as AFC Adam). Who’s Adam Lyons? What’s he about? Is he really as good as people are claiming? Let’s take a look.

Who is Adam Lyons?

A self-professed nerd, who was voted the least likely to get a girlfriend, Adam Lyons (by his own accounts) went from zero to hero in a short number of years. He’s in charge of North American operations for PUA Training, is Gambler’s right-hand man, and has been teaching bootcamps for the last few years exclusively out of America.

How he got into pickup

By his own admission, a friend gave him a copy of ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss, he read it, and went out right away to start applying the principles. It only took him a few months before he was of the level of the people who trained him – additionally, he worked for a start-up pick-up company which later folded.

Products by Adam Lyons

Adam Lyon’s Guide to Qualification – Lyons goes over his personal techniques for qualifying girls, what’s effective and what’s not.

Make Fate Happen Game – This is a unique product – one of the only ones in the PUA marketplace that talks about the principles of making someone feel like they’re your soul-mate and allowing you to try to get in for a long-term relationship.

Ultimate Natural Game – While this isn’t exclusively by Adam Lyons – it’s by PUA Training – Adam makes an appearance to discuss his principles of game, what it is that makes natural game better than other types out there.

Famous techniques/routines

Dance floor limbo/belt routine – Where you take a belt, or something equivalent, and form a limbo on the dance floor, allowing you to pre-open everybody

Deep qualification – finding out what people’s dreams and desires were – allows for better qualification.

With a few number one rankings in the world, clearly Lyons knows what he’s talking about.

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