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Andy Yosha (PUA) – Is he The Best Day Gamer?

In the community, specifically there are certain subset of people who specialize in not going out to nightclubs, specialize in not getting trashed listening to loud music and competing for other people’s attention without social proof.

That can be a really futile activity – these people are commonly referred to as the day game experts, people who dedicated their time and craft to the study of taking the art of picking-up women during the day. One such expert is Andy Yosha – the man who started

Who is Andy Yosha?

Andy Yosha was one of PUA Training’s pre-eminent trainers and one of their very first students. He was taught by Adam Lyons back in 2007 and then given the chance to take part in the Channel 4 documentary dealing with seduction. He then trained hard under his own auspices, becoming one of the best day-gamers in the whole of history.

How he got into pickup

Like most people who want to better themselves or master the game, he started off by taking a bootcamp under the tutelage of Adam Lyons. After he saw what was the game was capable of, he decided to make it a top priority for himself, bringing his love of teaching and approaching beautiful woman to thousands of men all around the world.

Products by Andy Yosha – Andy Yosha is the founder and main contributor to, the world’s largest resource for gaming during the. Included are articles tips tricks, suggestions, all that you could want to maximize your potential during the day.

Live Bootcamps – Yosha teaches live bootcamps in Britain and other spots in the world where he’s in high demand to men who want to meet women during the day.

Famous Techniques / Routines

Going direct – Yosha’s a practitioner of going direct during the day, a stylistic choice which he was one of the first to implement.

Going direct while going indirect – even when he’s going indirect Yosha has a habit of telegraphing his intent early on in the conversation – something that differs him from a lot of pickup artists.

With a growing business, and hundreds of men trained under his belt – if you see a guy talking to a pretty girl during the daytime, it’s probably Andy Yosha.

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