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Top 7 Best PUA Books Ever Written

Every year, the amount of information you can get anywhere on the internet grows exponentially. The pick-up artist community is no different, and the amount of material being produced now, compared to what was available in the 80’s or 90’s is impressive. Same with the literary world. Here are the eight best PUA books ever written about seducing members of the opposite sex.

The Game

You’ve heard of it. It’s the New York Times Bestselling book that started it all, and got the ball rolling for people all over the world who thought that they’d be alone forever.

Not only does it run down the principles of attracting women effectively, it’s one man’s journey, at the heart of the movement as it happened. An invaluable read, and what most people used to break into the community.

Check out The Game.

The Mystery Method

Mystery is probably the world’s most well-known pick-up artist in the world due to the longevity he’s had in the community and his stint on VH1’s The Pick-Up Artist, and his mention in ‘The Game’.

His was the type of game most people started out doing, to the point that you can’t deliver negs or opinion openers in public without being called out.

Check out The Mystery Method.

Double Your Dating

David DeAngelo is probably the richest PUA in the world due to the impact of this series – Double Your Dating was massive in the 90’s and noughties, and was the most widely disseminated book in the area of male self-improvement.

Though DeAngelo isn’t much of a dynamic speaker and is now settled down, it doesn’t diminish the impact this tome has.

Check out Double Your Dating.

History of My Life – Casanova

He was the original seducer, the one that started it all.

In a collection of memoirs as vain as Casanova could be, the legendary aristocrat recounts his conquests, how he moved from spot to spot, woman to woman – all written while he was alone, no-one left to use, no-one left to love him. It’s a testament to the human psyche.

Check out History of My Life.

The Art of Seduction

Casanova’s achievements, along with many other historical lovers of legend are run down in Robert Greene’s book – hilariously dedicated to his father.

In it, different types of seducers are outlines, and their context in history is given. A must for history and psychology nerds.

Check out The Art of Seduction.

The Natural Art of Seduction

This is the book Richard La Ruina wrote that detailed his transformation from a zero to a champion in his mid-twenties, founding the company PUATraining, which is one of the largest seduction companies in the world now.

Have you ever wanted to go make the same transformation? It’ll be good to see how it’s done.

Check out Natural Art of Seduction.

Get Laid or Die Trying

Jeffy is one of the only PUA’s in the world who can write well enough to merit a book deal.

This is the shot Simon & Schuster gave him – inside you’ll find all of his twisted lay reports condensed into one entertaining read.

Check out Get Laid or Die Trying.

So there you have it. A list of the finest PUA books out on the market right now. Let us know your thoughts!

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