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3 Best PUA Openers For The Budding Pick Up Artist

Any aspiring PUA always ends up following the same patterns from the moment they read “The Game”. They fall into a trap of reading, watching and dithering over too much theory and lose focus on the practical side of game. What this means is, they slowly become a part of a world where guys talk about getting laid, but in actual fact, never do.

Today I want to give you a handful of openers which you can start using right away to interact with women and hopefully build attraction on some level. These openers aren’t magically going to make the girl fall in love with you, but they serve two fundamental areas of game. The first is that you’re actually taking action and applying the theory to get results, the second is that you’re breaking the ice and getting over the hardest part of pickup… approaching.

Here are the best openers for the budding PUA:

1. Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Who lies more, men or women?

Simply roll up to the girl (from the front or side) and politely ask this opening question. It’s a classic PUA opener that gets the woman thinking. You need to make sure that you have something to follow up with so that you can keep the conversation flowing, but at least this will get you in there.

Why does it work? Because women like giving their opinion on things, it’s hard wired in them, so this is perfect for that.

2. Hey, are you shy or something?

This works best if you’re in a bar or club. Go up to a girl you’ve had you’re eye on for 5 or 10 minutes and make sure that you exchanged eye contact at least twice before heading over.

Once you’re there, simply say “Hey, are you shy or something? I’ve been waiting over there for you to come and say something for like 10 minutes already and you still haven’t said hi.” What this will do is usually make her laugh and then continue a conversation with you. Make sure you say this line with a slight smile, so that she knows you’re kidding.

3. Hey, I LOVE your style… it’s so cute.

The biggest mistake guys make when learning about game is over complimenting a woman and when they do, it’s always about their physical beauty, which is totally wrong. You need to compliment her on her style, something that stands out like a hand bag or shoes, maybe even her overall style which might be cute or very sexy.

Women spend a lot of time on their fashion, so make sure you take notice of the little things… she’ll appreciate it when you do.

So there you have it, the best PUA openers for the budding PUA. Now close down your browser, grab a friend and head out the door right now to try these lines! Nothing gets you laid faster, than you actually applying what you’ve learnt! Duh!

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