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Brad P (PUA) and His Oversized Personality

After Neil Strauss left the community after getting what he wanted, and Mystery fell off the face of the earth after the Pick-Up Artist there needed to be some new blood to come and freshen up the scene. And guess who filled those shoes? A few people, including the oversized personality that is Brad P.

He grabbed the pick-up community by the horn based off his New York start-up and was voted number one pick-up artist in the world numerous times. He’s an advocate of new concepts and his trainers have been getting more and more established in the scene. But who is he? Is he the real deal? Let’s examine.

Who is Brad P?

Brad P. is the alias of Casey Mahoney, a one-time social worker and guitarist based out of New York City. While on the road with the touring company of Rent, he got the idea of getting involved in the pick-up artist business. And then he did.

How did he get into pick-up?

Brad P. was an advocate of routines, and burst onto the scene in about 2006. From there, he started offering seminars and live training, grew his company out and began releasing products.

Products by Brad P

The 30/30 Club – For a small fee, you’re able to interact with Brad and the rest of his instructors on a message board. It’s one of the only places where you can interact with pick-up coaches on a regular basis, as most of them are busy on boot camps.

The Underground Dating Seminar – Brad recorded his seminar, and aside from that, interviews his friends who are really good with women, such as the ‘The Pheromone Kid’. He talks about his routines, and what works when you construct your own during the approach.

Brad P.’s Pick-up Mansion – Brad P. has a mansion in Miami that he offers to prospective students if they want to learn pick-up from a live-in instructor. His instruction has been known to last for an entire year.

Famous Techniques / Routines

High Risk Openers – Still advocated after years of use, the high-risk openers are where you put frames on a girl right off the bat. If they respond, you’re in. If not, try again on a different girl.

Skewing Practice – For ever hour you study material, you spend an hour in field. That way, you don’t become an information junkie and hold your own feet to the fire.

Based on what I’ve heard, Brad P. is the real deal – he may be more of a bar junkie than a studied PUA, but he’s been able to carve out a niche for himself and now has a thriving following.

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