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Carlos Xuma (PUA) – One of The Best Dating Coaches?

Other than the big three companies, Love Systems, PUATraining, and Real Social Dynamics, some independently operating dating coaches have really been making a name for themselves – a difficult thing to do, considering how flooded the market is with companies all advocating that they can give you the dating skills you need.

One of the premiere ones is Carlos Xuma – who advocates that men be real men instead of deferently tiptoeing around the issue of seducing women. But who is Carlos Xuma? What is he famous for?

Who is Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma is a self-proclaimed dating and attraction expert, and a black-belt martial artist. His background in martial arts has helped him as a dating coach, with tenets leaking into his teaching about body language and projecting your intent.

How he got into pickup

Carlos Xuma was one of the original internet dating coaches, giving advice to guys on forums in the late nineties. From there, he managed to expand his business to doing live-trainings and products.

Products by Carlos Xuma

The Alpha Lifestyle – Xuma runs down the things you need to do to be truly regarded as alpha. From body language to the initial approach, it’s all there for you to learn from.

The Bad Boy Formula – Most girls want to have themselves a bad boy, but most men don’t know how to transform themselves into the bad boy women want. Xuma covers this.

The Dating Black Book – Xuma goes over the myths and conceptions that so many men hold incorrectly about the dating scene in an easy-to-read guide.

Famous techniques / routines

What NOT to do – Carlos advocates that getting a girlfriend and pick-up isn’t as difficult as people perceive it to be, it’s more of a matter of what NOT to do than actions to take.

Alpha Male – In every one of his products, Xuma says that if you can maintain status as the alpha male, you’ll walk away with the girl in the end.

With so many product under his belt, and an increasing business presence in the world and Texas – looks like Xuma knows a thing or two about being alpha.

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