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David DeAngelo (PUA) – Does This Old Material Still Work?

One man has made more money than any other proponent of Pick-Up Artistry in history – and that man is David DeAngelo. Nobody else even comes close – his product lines reap him profits in the millions of dollars, and are among the most popular in the world. But how’d he get to that point? What techniques did he pioneer? And what’s he going to be doing in the future?

Who is David DeAngelo?

By all accounts, David DeAngelo was originally a man who didn’t have much success with women. He kept getting pushed aside by people who were more naturally fluid, more charismatic, or had more success. Like many other people – that frustrated him. So he decided to delve into the world of pick-up.

How he got into pick-up

David D., as he’s known, got into pick-up by first being a student of Ross Jeffries. Somewhere along the way, their relationship fractured (Jeffries isn’t the most stable man to deal with), and David D. decided to make his own pick-up company to compete. Around 2001, he released Double Your Dating, the e-book that helped launched his company. In it, he outlined the key principle that attraction is not a choice – and the things that you can do to generate attraction are not always obvious to the layperson.

Products by David DeAngelo

In addition to Double Your Dating, the most famous product he’s released has been his series of interviews with dating gurus – where he takes the most famous people in the world of seduction, sits them down and gets them to reveal what their motivation is, what they do in their day-to-day lives, and how they do it.

Advanced Dating – Showing you how to become a master at dating.

77 Laws of Success With Women and Dating – The universal laws that apply to all relationships with women.

Deep Inner Game – Understanding how to master your mind to conquer your fears with women.

Meeting Women Online – A complete course on meeting and seducing women online, with templates, spreadsheets and proven techniques.

Body Language – Body language techniques that will make you more attractive to women.

Famous techniques/routines

Cocky/Funny – DeAngelo is known for pioneering the cocky/funny mentality of busting on someone instead of appearing needy. Getting neediness out of your game is one of the most important things you can do, DeAngelo argues.

Not Being Boring – If you’re boring, it’s going to be much harder for you to incorporate her into your life. David D. also advocates tricking out your pad to make it more conducive to get girls – and if you can roll with the frame tests she throws out, you should be fine.

While David D. advocates a very specific set of rules and skills that may seem old-fashioned – they work for a specific group of men trying to act a specific type of women – so there’s no reason to discredit him. He’s obviously popular enough to be helping people.

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