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Gambler (PUA) Is He The Real Deal?

Pick-up artists are each advocates of their own different styles of game.

Some people support canned routines, groups of men saying the same lines to women every night they go out in the bar. Some people advocate a mix of natural game with canned material. Other PUAs are advocates of being yourself – being purely natural, and the man that started that movement was Gambler.

Who is Gambler?

Gambler, born Richard La Ruina was bullied so badly during primary and high school that he had to switch schools to cope with that problem. He showed a financial flair, though, and invested his life savings into the stock market and managed to turn a sizable profit.

How he got into pick up

By the age of 21, he had never kissed a woman. Frustrated with the lack of advice out in the market and accessible to the public about structured approaches you could do with women while maintaining your natural state, he created PUA Training in 2007, and their trainers were instantly catapulted to the forefront of the seduction community when featured on a BBC documentary.

Since then, PUA Training has morphed into one of the giants of the industry, with arms all across the world and a legion of products. He’s released a book called The Natural Art of Seduction, Ultimate Natural Game DVD’s, and various other pick-up artist products such as The Social Domination Blueprint, Secrets of 9’s and 10’s, Approaching Confidence and many more. The current hit is Stealth Attraction.

To this day, PUA Training is one of the only seduction companies that advocates using natural game and adapting to situations (calibrating) to pick-up women instead of using canned routines. But does that work? Is it more effective? After teaching thousands of men how to imitate the same success that he’s had, it seems that the answer is a resounding yes.

PUA Training also offers live training bootcamps, live-in weeklong residential’s, and happen to employ the current number one ranked pick-up artist in the world, Adam Lyons.

Products by Gambler

Stealth Attraction – His latest teachings, showing you exactly how to create unstoppable attraction with any woman within minutes. This is truly a ground breaking training product, with heaps of practical advice you can use right away.

Natural art of seduction – His very first book, which has proven that he not only knows how to attract women, but that his teachings are extremely popular.

Live Events – With events being held all over the world throughout any given year, it’s no wonder PUA Training are one of the leading dating companies in the world. You will be taken out in the field, shown by the instructors how it’s done and then coached fully for the entire day/evening until it clicks for you.

Famous techniques/routines

Gambler is well known for his seductive charisma and doesn’t use any routines, only natural game.

Stealth Seduction – Subtle but very sexual body language that turns a woman on almost instantly and sub-consciously makes them want to take you home. These are advanced techniques that can be used by any guy.

All-in-all, it’s been an impressive journey from a zero to hero – and it looks like Gambler is, in fact, the real deal.

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