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Love Drop (PUA) – The Advanced Social Gamer

Mystery’s crew was legendary around the pick-up community, before they stopped releasing products and have essentially dropped off the radar – save for a limited online presence. But while they were on top, they had quite a tear.

Being responsible for the internet campaigns and marketing platforms for a pick-up business can be a daunting task, but also being a known pick-up artist in your own right is even harder.

Rounding off our series on instructors from The Venusian Arts is Mystery and Matador’s go-to guy, Love Drop, aka Chris Odom. What’s he like? Why’d he choose to stay out of the Pick-Up Artist television show? And is he as prolific as a pick-up artist as the rest of Mystery’s crew? Let’s find out.

Who is Love Drop?

Love Drop is the alias of Chris Odom, a professional computer programmer before he got involved with Mystery’s crew and pick-up in the late 90’s. Before he found pick-up, he didn’t have much success in the dating scene.

How he got into pickup

After a marriage early in his marriage fell apart, Odom tried dating normally for years, but without much success. Pickup gave him the foundation he needed to transform himself into a dynamic speaker who has been touring with Mystery for years.

Products by Love Drop

Live Training – Love Drop is still available on the Venusian Arts website for one-on-one training.

Revelations – He’s the author of the program, and has written most of The Venusian Art’s programs since they broke apart from LoveSystems

Mind of Mystery – Love Drop narrates a giant portion of the program, specifically the areas covering social value.

Famous techniques / routines

Value – Love Drop is an advocate of girls primarily only responding to social value within a situation – more.

Body language – Being a guy who isn’t as attractive as his wings, Love Drop’s endorsement of strong body language to steer a situation is nearly legendary – body language can dictate social value, steer a bad interaction good, and save a set.

Overall, Love Drop is an impressive pickup artist in his own right, and has managed to steer clear of the drama that plagues so many other PUA’s.

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