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Matador (PUA) – Mystery’s Devoted Wing Man

In the world of pick-up artists there are some wingmen that have transcended their status is just wing-men and become legendary in their own right. One such wingman? Matador, or as he’s known in ‘The Game’ – the Matador of love.

But his title isn’t just an ostentatious way to establish that he is good at wrangling things with objectives and viewpoints different than his and taming them – he’s been known to pull in the hardest situations and the most strenuous conditions as one of Mystery’s right-hand men. But who is the Matador of love?

Who is Matador?

James Matador was a man who got his degree in computer science at Depaul University and started as an amateur bodybuilder and martial artist. After discovering the dating world is harder than programming computers and kicking people in the face, he decided to get help, and enlisted Mystery’s help, who was so impressed with the man that he made him one of his wings.

How he got into pickup

Matador purchased his first piece of seduction material in around 1999 which led to a journey of self- discovery and ultimately becoming Mystery’s wingman.

Products by Matador

Revelations – Matador, Lovedrop and Mystery all make an appearance on this product which is the highlight and zenith of all products that have been offered by the Venusian Arts.

Mind of Mystery – in this product, Matador, Lovedrop, and Mystery describe the various tenants of what Mystery is thinking when he goes out infield.

Live Bootcamps – Matador is one of the most in-demand instructors for the Venusian Arts, and offers one-on-ones and appears at their bootcamps.

Famous techniques / routines

Cavemanning – Matador is famous for the practice of cavemanning which is sexually escalating in an aggressive, masculine, and organic way to get the girl highly attracted to you.

Matador Mayhem – Where you make out with, hug, and kiss multiple girls to create huge jealousy plot-lines within a venue.

Based off of everything that’s been floating around, Matador sounds like a formidable PUA in his own right, and if he wanted to branch off from Mystery – he’d be perfectly capable of holding his own.

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