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5 Men That Changed The Game Forever

There are a number of people in this world whose sole purpose seems to be that they’ve been put on this earth to help other men and themselves pick-up women. While some might view it as a bizarre career-choice and even something that reflects very negatively on the individual – there’s a place for everyone in this world. There are some people who come along and change everything we thought we knew about the world of dating and attracting females. These are those men.

1. Ross Jeffries

Although you might be able to find Ross Jeffries these days just chilling on his lawn, and yelling for kids to get off of it – he is the reason why we’re all here today. If you were a desperate man in the 80’s or prior, the only luxury afforded to you in terms of getting women that were out of your league would be paying for their company. Ross Jeffries saw that there was a niche market for information, and millions of men in desperate need of a helping hand.

So he created Speed Seduction, a school for people who wanted to get the women of their dreams. It was based off of the principles of NLP and informed by practitioners such as Richard Bandler and Kenrick Cleveland – but Speed Seduction was very much Ross Jeffries’ baby. And his prowess grew as Speed Seduction sprouted up usenet groups and websites like Fast Seduction and the first real sharing of game knowledge through the internet. He’s the bitter father of it all.

2. Mystery

Hate him or love him, if you’ve been involved in the pick-up community for any amount of time, you know who Mystery is. He, like Ross, is one of the most widely known pick-up artists, with people emulating his unique look from the US to the Phillipines and beyond. Mystery started teaching workshops just ten years ago, in 2001 – then titled Mystery’s Sex Magic Workshops. But the system that he developed, alongside Neil Strauss helped jumpstart the whole game revolution as we know it.

The stories of his exploits are legendary, along with his meltdowns and self-sabotage; but to this day, he’s the only one who has managed to break into the mainstream.

3. Neil Strauss

All of these men are pioneers, but they stayed out of the mainstream’s attention either because they didn’t want their teachings disseminated or they couldn’t court the kind of publicity to make that leap. Neil Strauss was a gifted author who managed to capture the pathos and humanity of the kind of people who are looking for help with women in his bestselling classic ‘The Game’.

The resultant rush was more than marketers could dream for, causing hundreds of small businesses to sprout up from nowhere. Beyond that, he managed to get really good himself, being rated the number one pick-up artist in the world numerous years running and publishing another book with stories based off of his experiences with women. To this day, nobody has Neil’s reputation.

4. Casanova

Realistically, nobody in history would be as interested in stories of bedding hundreds of women if it weren’t for Cansanova, the nobleman who was doing it before your great-great-great-grandaddy was born. It’s different with Casanova, though – he lived in a time where sexual promiscuity, if it was scandalous, could result in punishment from the highest type of authorities – royalty.

Thankfully for us, on his deathbed, while locked in isolation, he managed to write all about how he’s one of the world’s greatest seducers. A deathbed delusion? Or actual fact? The world may never know. But it was compelling to read and demonstrated not only the vanity necessary to become great with women, but the fact that people found it compelling.

5. Warren Beatty / Wilt Chamberlin / Richard La Ruina

There are men who have revolutionized teaching the game, then there are men whose sexual accomplishments look like they’re a near impossibility. These men are typically singers or athletes, or people involved in the artistic community.

Through their biographies, we’ve earned that they’ve bedded thousands of women – all through their own kind of natural game. This natural mastery is what gave rise to the natural game movement in England, which is now dominating the schools of seduction. The best example? Good ol’ PUA Training, started by Gambler in in London, specifically designed to emulate those types of natural successes.

These are the guys all guys want to be. And perhaps, if you practice – you can get to their level, or at least make everyone jealous around you.


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