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The 5 Most Intense and Transformative PUA Boot Camps

In the world of pick-up artists you can study independently under a long and arduous process of trial and error… you can go out by yourself day and night figuring out what works and what doesn’t – or you can have somebody take you under their wing during a boot camp. They can turn your life around 180 degrees.

Pick-up boot camps started way back in 2001 when Mystery started offering his ‘live sex magic training’ – no joke. That was what it was called. The publication of the game made the seduction industry realize you can monetize weekends where guys all get together and learn how to pick up women. These are the top 5 for your dollar.

PUA Training

PUA Training boot camps are known not only for being one of the longer ones for being the most affordable. Instead of sending out their junior instructors, they send out the big dogs – Dharam or Adam Lyons if you’re in North America.

They take 3 days to explain night game, day game, and social circle building so you won’t have to do cold approaches one day and can eventually rely on your own group to get new people in your life.

Love Systems

Nick Savoy’s company is still one of the better ones on the market teaching men how to effectively go up to the girls they want and pull them. Unlike PUA Training, Love Systems advocates canned material to get the maximum effect from any party – so if you’re keen on memorizing, this might be your best route.

They offer their programs all across America and more recently they started offering camps in Europe, where Jeremy Soul lives. They also have a super-conference every year, essentially a super boot camp.

Real Social Dynamics

Real Social Dynamics may have gotten undeserved flack in ‘The Game’ where Tyler manipulated everybody into giving them good reviews, and people into moving out of the house. Now one of the biggest seduction companies in the world, they must be doing something right with their devoted fan base and boot camps offered across the United States and the world.

RSD stresses natural game, so if you’re going to attend one of their weekend of events, get yourself in state. Get your nimbus and woo. RSD also offers a super conference – referred to as ‘The Summit’

Venusian Arts

I heard you gasp and say, ‘They’re still around?’ Yes, they’re still around. And still offering boot camps, too. Mystery and his crew of men ere off the radar for a while but they still offer boot camps specifically to help you turn into an instructor.

Additionally, they have weekend retreats and finally weeklong training during a ROAD TRIP. Sounds pretty exciting. Matador, Love Drop, Discovery, and Cosmo are still making the rounds, teaching the same old tricks that have been getting people laid for years.

Style Life

This list wouldn’t be complete without the guy who started all of this, or at least brought it into the mainstream. With noted instructors like Gypsy and Bravo, Style’s people offer boot camps not based off of a schedule you can find on the internet, but off of their mailing list.

Still, based off the reviews floating around the internet and Neil Strauss’ legendary persona, they have to be good.

There are a bunch of other companies offering their take on the weekend program, but these are the biggest and the best of the bunch.

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