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Mystery (PUA) – Does The Fuzzy Hat Get Him Laid?

There’s a giant figure looming over the PUA community – the man who made it all popular initially, and whose presence in developing the skills that men use around the world now is undeniable and definite. That man is the man heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, who dresses himself like an assistant at a David Copperfield show. Yes, Mystery the PUA.

If you know about him, you have strong feelings about him – if you actually know him, you’ve got good stories about him. If you’re Neil Strauss, you’ve actually written a bestselling book about your time with him, and somehow been able to come out unscathed and the better for it.

But is Mystery the real deal? Does his fuzzy hat, now incorporated into popular culture as a token of what pick-up artists are supposedly about grant him superpowers with women? Or is it another marketing gimmick, used to sucker in men who leave their events and products wanting?

Who is Mystery?

Born Erik James Horvat-Markovic (changed to Erik Von Markovic), Mystery’s upbringing consisted largely of being a nerd, by his own accounts – and combative issues with his dad. In order to not stay a nerd forever, he went out every night, eventually developing a system for attracting girls – the Mystery Method.

In it, he said that every interaction could be broken apart in three different steps, attraction, comfort, and seduction. He’s also credited with inventing systems and concepts the community still use today, negs, peacocking, and for bringing PUA to wider mainstream attention on the VH1 show ‘The Pick-Up Artist’, which ran for two seasons and was profiled on a wide variety of shows.

Mystery’s in charge of the company The Venusian Arts, who’ve released products such as Revelation and The Mind of Mystery. And while you can’t deny that his profile at one point was soaring, lately, he’s been more low-key lately – supposedly taking time off in England to raise his daughter. But will he pop back again? Will Mystery make another splash in the world of seduction or his time over?

How he got into pick up

He got into the world of pickup out of pure frustration for not getting laid, his love for magic and the need for women seemed a perfect fit, when he was seen captivating hot girls in bars through the use of magic.

After years of studying human dynamics and psychology, Mystery decided to start helping men on forums become better with women by learning a proven system combining magic and strategic principles that he had developed himself over the years.

Products by Mystery

Older products would include the Mystery Method DVD set, that was shut down due to a kerfuffle with now Love Systems CEO Savoy, which is still available today. You also have his new teachings with Matador at Venusian Arts, such as Revelations the book and Revelations the DVD set, both killer products.

Revelations Book – The infamous book, detailing every dirty little pick-up secrets Mystery has learned throughout the years. His social proofing and opening abilities are world class, he shows you these in detail here.

Revelations DVD – If you enjoyed the book, then you’re going to LOVE the DVD’s. This DVD and CD set is stuffed full f routines, gambits and proven techniques that will leave even the most experienced PUA dumfounded. He even shows you live footage from one of his bootcamps.

Live Training – In-field training with Mystery’s most rusted and accredited trainers. You are taken out to the most exclusive bars and clubs, where women are everywhere.

Famous techniques/routines

Mystery has been a huge part of the pick-up community and as a result has created very famous routines, gambits and acronyms which are used by thousands of PUA’s world wide. Here are some of his most well known sayings:

Neg – This is a name given, when a guy makes fun of a girl in a playful way to make them more attracted to them. So for example; What’s that? You’re a model… what like a hand model or something?

Peakcocking – Used by more hardcore PUA’s, peakcocking is a way of standing out from the crowd and making women notice you by wearing something that draws attention, like a necklace that flashes constantly or maybe even a big black fuzzy hat!

HB – An acronym given to women known as “hot babes”. They are given a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, so for example; That girl is a HB9 dude!

But yes, to answer the original question – it looks like the fuzzy hat gets HIM laid, or maybe it’s the fame nowadays.

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