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Neil Strauss (PUA) – Mystery’s Original Wingman

Several people heavily involved in the PUA community have crowned Neil Strauss as Mystery’s original wingman and one of the best PUA’s out there. Regardless of the fact that he’s no longer a part of the community (officially).

Who is Neil Strauss?

Neil is an accomplished writer who is currently a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine and dabbles in writing for the New York Times. After several months along side Mystery and other well known industry figures, Neil wrote a book called ‘The Game’ which became an almost overnight success after rising to the top of the New York Times best sellers list.

He was given the name ‘Style’ and quickly became familiar with every trick, technique and routine that guys where using back then to seduce women such as negs and peacocking. Shortly after writing the book, he became a well known person in his own right as a writer and PUA, being voted the worlds best PUA at one point.

How did he get into pickup?

Neil got into pickup after finishing his latest book at the time (Jenna Jameson’s memoirs) by joining a secret underground community of pick up artists. Prior to the book ‘The Game’ he wrote a piece for the New York Times about his time in the community and his experiences. Befriending Mystery and writing about their antics was one of the best things that could have happened to Neil, in regards to his own pickup skills and career.

Products by Neil Strauss

The Game – His very first book on the world of PUA’s and the hidden seduction community. Very popular amongst guys even to this day.

Annihilation Method – Neil’s first digital product which was sold out within the first 3 hours of going online. It was a DVD set that showed a group of guys going from dull normal lives to an abundance of chicks.

Style Life Academy – Neil’s online membership program that helps guys get better with women through a community.

Famous techniques / Routines

Evolution phase shift – This routine helps you tell when she’s ready to be kissed so that you can smoothly kiss her and build sexual tension quickly.

ESP routine – Quite a long winded routine which helps build interest with your target, it was developed by Neil and tested on hundreds of sets.

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