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Paul Janka (PUA) – Is He Really That Ruthless?

In the world of pick-up artist’s, it helps to be intense and focused. It helps you accomplish your goals. It helps you confidently open sets that you see in front of you without the nervousness or sometimes that intensity and focus can be misconstrued as bravado or stupidity.

As is the case with Paul Janka.

Who is Paul Janka?

Paul is the author of The Attraction Formula, a booklet that trains men on how to pick-up women, ostensibly without the Harvard education and good looks that he has in his corner. On his website, he describes himself as a writer, actor, and entrepreneur who has MASTERED the art of pick-up and seduction. But how is he as a pick-up artist and coach? Can he help ordinary dudes get laid with girls that seem out of their league?

This theory was tested on Dr. Phil – most of his advice was about getting the number and getting in and out very quickly. Besides Phil, Janka has also appeared on MSNBC, The Today Show, and Fox News. He has an online program called ‘Secrets to Meeting Women’.

Detractors say that Janka is borderline a sociopath, doing things that are completely insane such a answering the door naked when people come simply to hang out at his apartment – he’s unaware of how other people are feeling or lacks the ability to care, and his pick-up artistry and dating ideas are only useful and applicable in a big city where there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic.

How he got into pick up

Janka burst onto the scene with his manifesto ‘Getting Laid in NYC’, which garnered him enough press attention to start a dating business.

The problem a lot of dating coaches have once they rise to the top of the heap is what they do isn’t viewed as normal – if they present it as normal, they look incredibly socially un-calibrated, which is exactly what happened to Paul Janka when he appeared on Dr. Phil’s morning program. Gawker has a running tab on the borderline psychotic things he’s done with women.

Products by Paul Janka

The Attraction Formula – Paul’s first eBook which took the industry by storm, this is a straight talking (no B.S) and no routines guide to pickup. In all honesty it’s the natural’s guide to pick up.

Secrets to Meeting Women – An online training program that takes you step by step through a woman’s mind and helps you understand the exact trigger points and how to turn any woman into a raving fan, any time they see you. Basically this gets you laid!

Famous techniques/routines

Paul is a very technique focused guy and explains tons of strategies that work in the real world.

Make a statement – His biggest focus is on being natural and cool. Which means making a statement about a woman that no other guy would usually make, this will then lead onto a conversation and meeting up again.

So is THAT ruthless? It’s up to you to decide.

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