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Neil Strauss (also known as Style) is probably the most well known PUA in the field today. Read more about how Neil shot to fame and got into this community.

Never mind the naturals, Brad P is still one of the best PUA’s out there. Discover how you can meet and attract perfect 10’s with his advice.

Zan Perrion is known as a natural pick up artist, check out why he has become one of the leaders in pickup and what you can learn from him.

Swingcat is one of the old school PUA’s which started out with Mystery, David D and the like. His methods are very natural and work incredibly well.

Ever heard of Andy Yosha? Apparently he’s the best day gamer pick up artist around. Discover what he does to attract so many women during the day.

Other than the big three companies, Love Systems, PUATraining, and Real Social Dynamics, some independently operating dating coaches have really been making a name for themselves – a difficult thing to do, considering how flooded the market is with companies all advocating that they can give you the dating skills you need. One of the […]

The co-founder of Venusian Arts is without a doubt one of the best PUA’s out there still. Using emotional techniques Love Drop (PUA) is a serious gamer.

In the world of pick-up artists there are some wingmen that have transcended their status is just wing-men and become legendary in their own right. One such wingman? Matador, or as he’s known in ‘The Game’ – the Matador of love. But his title isn’t just an ostentatious way to establish that he is good […]

Considering that PUA started as a movement where people deliver canned material exclusively in bars or nightclubs to women in the hopes that something would hook, they’d be in, and they could sleep with them, there’s a remarkable amount of difference in people’s approaches. In the world of pick-up artists, some people come along and […]

There are a group of PUA’s who extend all the way back to when The Game started, and have managed to carve out businesses for themselves in a medium where a lot of people have fallen by the wayside, failed, or managed to alienate their customer base – one of the people who haven’t done […]