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Sinn (PUA) – Are His Routines Sinful?

There are a group of PUA’s who extend all the way back to when The Game started, and have managed to carve out businesses for themselves in a medium where a lot of people have fallen by the wayside, failed, or managed to alienate their customer base – one of the people who haven’t done that is Jon Sinn.

Known as ‘The King of Content’ for the free material he disseminates over the internet, Sinn has been with the pick-up brigade since The Mystery Method was still putting out content. So, let’s take a look at the things that he’s offered to the community.

Who is Jon Sinn?

Jon Sinn is one of the few instructors who advocate a hybrid of natural game and canned material. He also advocates internal work on self instead of wasting your time reading hours of theory – a practice that is becoming more prevalent throughout the community. He runs and maintains the blog Sinns of attraction and offers personalized coaching out of Dallas, Texas.

How he got into pick-up

Sinn first got involved in PUA at the age of 19, when he decided to join the Mystery Method on a bootcamp – and the results he was getting consistently during daygame were enough to propel him to the top tier of the instructors for the then Mystery Method company. After he, by his own admission, realized that the group of people coaching wasn’t one he wanted to be associated with – he struck out on his own.

Products by Sinn

You can find Sinn on a variety of products from the LoveSystems corp, or the old interview series from the Mystery Method. Additionally?

Sinn’s Inner Circle – Which is a monthly subscription program where Sinn unveils new content to his subscribers.

Natural Attraction DVD – A DVD set where he runs down how to attract people using natural game.

Sinns of Attraction Bootcamp – His live-training bootcamp.

Famous techniques/routines

A lot of the techniques featured in the Magic Bullet booklets were pioneered by Sinn – including the ‘goodbye’ opinion opener, where the proper way to say goodbye is discussed.

Hot/Cold Escalation – where Sinn states that if he’s being verbally cold, he’ll be physically warm and vice-versa.

Overall, though, Sinn’s been able to make a name for himself outside of the giant pick-up companies, which is an impressive thing to do.

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