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Stealth Attraction Questions – Is Gambler Telling you the Truth?

These questions are related to the Stealth Attraction review.

Are the techniques in this product the same old re-hashed methods that Gambler taught in previous courses?

There are some techniques which are mentioned in the course that have been taught by Gambler before, however they are much more in-depth this time around. But the new techniques far out way the older methods and there are tons of them! Solid techniques that will get you results.

Is it a physical product or downloadable course?

It’s a physical product which is shipped to you

The video seems a little over hyped, do these techniques REALLY work?

We found it quite amusing actually! But yes, you’re right it is a little much, having said that the content most certainly backs up the hype and you will be blown away by the results, IF you apply the material mentioned. So many guys buy these types of courses and never use them, it’s very odd.

Would you suggest Stealth Attraction for beginners or advanced guys?

Mmmm, good question. We would probably advice that advanced guys use this course but then again, there are some killer methods in there that beginners can massively benefit from, so let’s put it like this. If you are an eager little beaver and want a shortcut to the “good stuff” then you should get your hands on this course, but certainly check out their basic advice too.

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