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Swingcat (PUA) – One of the Original Pick up Artists

In the community very few programs are more vaunted and legendary than Ross Jeffries’ old speed seduction model that allowed people to use NLP and buzzwords to essentially glam people with sexual subtexts and in general run around like holy hell picking-up everything in sight…but there were few people who are much better at using speed seduction model than other people. One of best at it? Swingcat.

Who is Swingcat?

Swingcat is the alias of a highly secretive men named Josh Seltzer who first learned speed seduction from Ross Jeffries in the late 90’s whilst attending Berkeley. His education and ease of natural conversation skills allowed him to very easily be able to pick up the concepts and apply them in the field – something which other PUAs struggled to do and he became one of Ross Jeffries’ star students.

How did he get into pickup?

Swingcat got into pick-up after he realized his game was nowhere near where it needed to be even after getting licensed in massage. He looked upon himself and realized true change comes from within and decided he needed to take action.

Products By Swingcat

Natural Vibing – Swingcat is largely credited with inventing the principles of push/pull to the community. Push/pull is basically the mechanism that generates attraction in women during a interaction – this is the product that teaches you how to achieve that traction.

Real World Seduction – Real World Seduction is an eBook that’s been in circulation for many years – it’s also what Swingcat originally built his reputation on, with passages dealing with pushing and pulling interactions and rockstar mindsets.

Famous techniques / routines

Push/Pull – Push/pull generates the attraction between you and your target. Some people call it building comfort and breaking rapport, some people call it in the making and teasing, but it’s basically the same.

Teaching Frames – If you can come across as you teach (adding value), your value will be higher than hers and it’ll be easier to attract her.

Overall, with winning products and personality, Swingcat is the real deal. You can find out more about him by reading ‘The Game’.

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