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Top 4 Pick up Artist Routines That Actually Work

The PUA lifestyle has been around for a while now, and with it comes a bunch of different ideologies dogmas and philosophies as to what works with getting girls and what doesn’t.

Fortunately for you – you get to parse through it as an outsider, where the people inside and involved had to experiment and try a bunch of different techniques to figure out what works the best for aspiring womanizers. Starting out they first advocated techniques like routines. Some routine works, some are terrible – do you have the time to figure out which ones are good and which ones are bad? They’ll still working to help you out right here the list of the best routines that actually work.


DHV’s stand for demonstration of high value. Using a DHV works a number of different ways…in stories, with your body language and actions, or by leading the group conversation in a specific direction.. Hut why is this effective? Simply put, it works because until you make it explicitly clear to woman that you are at and possibly above her level, she assumes that you’re just another schmuck trying to get it on. But you’re not. You’re a dude who has a lot to offer. You can do this with DHV’s.

Famous examples include stories that involve talking about how you’re preselected and give the proper emotional triggers.

Cold Reads

Cold reads are under the same umbrella as DHV’s – they break a woman’s previous conceptions about what you are as a person, and allow you to slip in under the radar an add value. Basically the name of the game is adding value, either to herself to the group, or toward the world around her. You can find a number of different resources are cold reads online but the gist of it is you break out of a normal interaction by observing something about her that’s true. The kicker? It’d be true for everyone.

Famous examples include ‘I get the feeling you’re the bad girl…’ ‘People think it’s easier for attractive people, but in reality, they have it so much harder,’ ‘I feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential, that’s there’s something you’ve desperately been wanting to do…’

Opinion Situations

In this day and age, opinion openers are recognized as a way of somebody tries to game somebody else…especially after the release and subsequent popularity of ‘The Game’. Opinion openers or situations are about presenting a situation that groups can offer their opinion on and as a way to get them emotionally invested and talking to you. Ideally, this will be something that women care about. You don’t necessarily need to open with it but putting in your conversation is always a good way to spice up the same routine talk to be one of.

Famous examples… ‘Do you think _______ (famous person) is hot? (Justification.)’ ‘Who lies more, men or women?’ ‘

Demonstrate An Understanding Of Her World

This is the most important one – people who are very attractive or sought after or in demand have a different worldview than people that are on the outside looking in. If you’re able to demonstrate that you understand were thinking there were just coming from, it’s on.
All in all, these are the concepts the community got right.

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