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Top 9 PUA Websites for Improving Your Game

The web has been a great place for people from all walks of life to go to when they want to learn how to meet women effectively. Everyone from all over the world can go to the same resources, connect with each other, find wingmen, and go from there into practicing what they learn into the field. Here are some of the best websites where you can glean some basics of game.

Pick Up Artist Forum

If there were a number one resource that allowed for people all over the world to post their experiences, problems, encounters they’ve had in the field – it’d be the Pick Up Artist Forum. Featuring posts from Adam Lyons, Carlos Xuma, Gambler, and other PUA’s, it’s the premiere place for people to pour over details of game.

The Attraction Forums

On the other end, the attraction forums have archived most of the posts written by legends like Tyler Durden, Style, and other prominent pick-up artists. In addition, there are bootcamp reviews, samples of canned material, and a ton of other resources for you to peruse.

Casanova Crew

The Casanova Crew is the name of Los Angeles’ main lair – but they’re the most active lair in the entire world. They release their own products, had a podcast that was running for a number of years. They’ve got affiliations with RSD, Vince Kelvin, and a bunch of other pick-up artists operating out of the Los Angeles area.

So Suave

So Suave has been a resource for years – since the late 90’s and early 2000’s, advocating more low-impact pick-up techniques like David DeAngelo’s work and things outside the community. In the early 2000’s it shifted towards accepted aspects of the pick-up community.

Fast Seduction

This was the resource that was mentioned the most in the game – whenever Strauss mentions something being discussed online, it happened in fast seduction. It’s where certain coaches got their start, like Vin DiCarlo – and where Ross Jeffries did most of his posts.

Jon Sinn

Sinn is called the king of content for a reason. Not only is he constantly posting videos that bash other PUA’s that are terrible, he’s got a bunch of free blog posts detailing how to do the things you wished you could do with women in the field.

Bristol Lair

Where AFC Adam’s posts originated – the Bristol lair still has great free content, blog entries, and articles about pick-up. If you want to get better, check out the Bristol lair. If not, and you’re content where you are, then don’t.

RSD Nation

If you’re not familiar with the lingo thrown around, you may be temporarily confused, but RSD has a very well-groomed message board, patrolled by the people who run the company. But there’s a bunch of content there, and RSD encourages their trainers to post back and forths with their students and clients.

Andy Yosha has created an impressive resource for everyone who wants to Daygame – and has the only website exclusively oriented towards that. Want to approach while people are shopping instead of at a noisy nightclub? Check out

All in all, if you have an internet connection, you can find all the information that you need to seduce and attract.

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