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Tyler Durden (PUA) – Does ‘The Game’ do Him Justice?

There’s a book that’s responsible for most of the people coming to learn seduction or PUA or the Venusian arts, or whatever nomenclature it happens to be going by that week – the game.

In it, author Neil Strauss highlighted what he’d been doing specifically to go from zero to hero, whatever obstacles he managed to bump up against, and lessons that he’s learned going forward.

He also highlighted a number of characters who seemed to be unsavory, who used their social skills in ways he thought of as unfortunate – and the head of that group was Owen Cook, otherwise known as Tyler Durden.

Who is Tyler Durden?

Co-opting his name from the manliest of manly movies – Fight Club – Cook moved to Hollywood with the hope of being taken under the wing of Mystery and Style in the newly formed project Hollywood. And he got his wish, living in a closet for months at a time until he was able to break up the pick-up Beatles and build his own company – Real Social Dynamics with Papa, Nick Kho.

But the portrait painted of him in The Game could be a bit harsh. Since its inception, Real Social Dynamics has risen to become one of the most preeminent pick-up companies dominating the market today and the butt of many people’s jokes who are involved with it.

Some have labeled it a cult, some web pages have sprung up trying to debunk the skills of their instructors and the theory involved – but all the while they’ve been teaching thousands of students their version of seduction – through products such as The Blueprint, The Jeffy Show, The Blueprint Decoded and various other products and services.

How he got into pick up

He managed to find himself in this strange community by fixating on techniques and strategies presented by Mystery on forums. He decided after breaking up with his long term girlfriend that enough was enough and he had to do something about his love life. That’s when he stumbled across Mystery and his friend Style (Neil Strauss).

Products by Tyler Durden

Foundations – This very in-depth product takes a look at how to rebuild your whole game from the ground up and eventually turns you into a woman getting machine.

Blueprint – A full immersion into becoming an absolute natural when it comes picking up women and BEING a complete natural from your core.

Famous techniques/routines

Tyler was known for his routines and techniques back in the day when he first got into game, nowadays he has transformed himself into a natural and does not use any more routines, tricks or gambits.

Who lies more – This opener is used to get you in set and talking to women and it goes something like this; “Excuse me, can I ask your opinion on something? Who lies more men or women”.

Being forced into a corner that holds you accountable can change your entire demeanor and personality, though – even though some people say that Tyler’s always been a fraud, other accounts of Tyler Durden says that he’s overcome the stigma that was attached to him in the book, and become one of the best coaches and approach artists out there. And now he’s one of the premium pick-up artists out there. But which is it?

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