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Vin DiCarlo (PUA) – Why Should You Believe Him?

A big question facing a lot of pick-up artists peddling their wares on the internet is the question customers are constantly asking – why should we believe you

We’ve heard stories about people selling products from ‘The Game’ that have no business being in the business of teaching men how to pick-up and get laid. We’ve heard horror stories of people attending bootcamps and not being given the proper individual attention or instruction that they deserve. So why should you believe another dude setting up an internet company and telling you he has the keys to life’s little secrets?

Who is Vin DiCarlo?

Vin DiCarlo primarily operates on the internet, selling products and offering one-on-one training with clients instead of doing the live-travelling bootcamp thing that so many other pick-up companies do. But do his products work? How effective are they? Will they be able to give you notable advantages over other companies’ products that go over some of the same material, or does it put you at an even keel?

Vin DiCarlo now has a world-class dating company filled with instructors like Julian Fox and formerly Chris Orleans – and he has a wide-range of products on the market including an interview series with himself, and Pandora’s Box, that breaks down the different types of women you might encounter in easily tangible bits. Additionally, he has an escalation ladder that tells you the keys to unlocking a woman’s physical compliance.

How he got into pick up

Vin DiCarlo first rose to attention and prominence in the PUA Community with long posts on – he posted under the pen name “Woodhaven” and would give advice about escalation and break down different seduction. Prior to that? At his lowest point, according to his website, he was living out of the back of a van and getting work as a janitor.

That’s a really low point. But he decided to put all of his focus on the most important thing in life – sleeping with loads of women who he didn’t know prior. After all, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

Products by Vin DiCarlo

This seems like a man on a mission to create as many products as possible, some a better than others but they offer a decent amount of advice.

The Attraction Code – A very good insight into how attraction works and what women crave when it comes to seducing them in the real world. Most guys just don’t know how to attract women, this will show you.

The Dominant Sexual Power Program – Let’s talk about sexy baby… this program is for all you sexual freaks out there (in a good way of course). It’s designed to take you from love hopeless to love guru, in a matter of weeks.

S-Cubed – Looks into making women want to chase you and flips a switch in their mind psychologically that seriously makes women do all the hard work. Hard to believe? Well you’ll have to see for yourself.

Conversation Cure – Knowing the right things to say to a woman is tough, this product will make sure that you never run out of things to say.

No Flakes – Girls flaking on you sucks, in this guide you’ll discover how to make every woman call you back every single time.

Famous techniques/routines

In all honesty, Vin isn’t well known for his routines, it’s all about finding the person inside you that should be seen by the outside world, so things like confidence and rapport building are his forte.

Confidence system – Vin, developed a confidence system a few years back that has been tested by the U.S army and thousands of guys. It’s proven to help you get passed the mental blocks we all face with self esteem.

So should you believe Vin DiCarlo? Decide for yourself!

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