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Top 5 Reasons Why You Still Suck At Game

How different is your ability in approaching and picking up chicks, since before learning about game?

If you’re answer is “Erm… not very different” then I’m afraid you fall under the “You SUCK” category, because you honestly do suck balls if you’re not getting any better.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of guys out there who aren’t seeing the results they would like, which is why we wanted to list the top reasons as to why you just aren’t getting better with women.

Here they are, brace yourself.

You’re not applying any material

How many products are you going to buy before you actually try out some of the methods and techniques taught in them? It’s not hard, you just need to use what the guys are saying and you’ll get the results you want. Simple.

If all you do is watch You Tube videos all day on PUA’s… you’re nothing but a knowledge jockey, full of techniques and tricks with nothing to show.

You’re not learning from your mistakes

Ok, so you’re actually trying stuff out which is great, well done. But you’re doing the same thing over and over again like some insane fool. Stop doing what’s not working and refine your techniques. Take note on a daily/weekly basis of what worked and what didn’t, now go out and only use what worked!

You don’t hang around with guys in the community

Still hanging out with your old drinking buddies who get less ass than the least popular fat kid in high school? Yeah, it’s no wonder you’re not getting laid. Ditch those losers and start getting friendly with some guys in the community (oh and don’t get sucked into the strange ones, bypass those and find the cool ones).

You aren’t willing to try new things

If you don’t try new things, you’ll stay boring… be adventurous and opportunities will come out of nowhere.

Let’s say a new girl you just met invited you to a fetish party down town, would you go? Why the hell not, grab a gas mask and get the whip… it doesn’t make you a freak, you’re just trying new things out that will lead to exciting possibilities.

You’re not spending enough time practicing

Practicing will make you a grand master. If you keep practicing and refining what’s working, you will soon become a freaking pickup guru… well maybe not a guru, but you’ll be light years ahead of where you previously were right? So put some hours in, 30 minutes a week just won’t cut it. Try an hour a day and stop bitching!

What are your biggest reasons why your game isn’t up to scratch?

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