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Zan Perrion (PUA) – The Ultimate Natural

There’s a legendary surfer hiding in the wings of the PUA community – a man whose stories are disseminated and whose prowess is unheard of, but is only mentioned in the innermost circles. Because he prefers to be in those spots than in a position that the other PUA’s where he can be ridiculed or sniped at.

You know why? Because he’s that likable of a guy. His name is Zan Perrion, and he’s been picking up girls since before you were a twinkle in your mom’s eye.

Who is Zan Perrion?

Zan Perrion goes by his actual given name, an indication of the type of guy that he is. He doesn’t have anything to hide, he’s just an effortlessly smooth natural who somehow managed to fall into the pick-up business accidentally. Legendary for his ability to hold multiple girlfriends and his positive persona, Zan instantly made a splash in the community.

How did he get into pickup?

Nobody really knows. After developing his own methodologies away from anything offered by guys like Ross Jeffries, Zan found a voice on the forums. As mentioned in Neil Strauss’ ‘The Game’, Zan would only offer his own advice instead of coming on the boards and asking for other people’s – truly a man who operates out of an alpha frame.

Products by Zan

Live Training – To this day, Zan offers specialized training to people who want his unique perspectives in the pick-up world and to make them into more attractive people.

Ars Amorata Weekend Training – Like a boot camp, Zan teaches you how to be more attractive to women in a reasonably priced weekend course.

Famous techniques / routines

Cocky/Funny – People oftentimes attribute cocky/funny to David De Angelo but if you listen to De Angelo’s interviews, he constantly talks about how he got this frame from surfer personalities, like Zan.

MLTR Balancing – Zan is credited for first advocating that if you’re going to have more than one girlfriend at a time, that they all know about each other, and you’re completely honest with them about dating each other. This can be done by setting the frame that they can leave if they want, but they’re much less likely to do that because you’ve given them the choice.

In summation, Zan is still out there rocking it. A well-liked guy in the community, we toast to his success.

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