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Adam Lyon’s Bootcamp Review – Transform Your Success With Women In Only 3 Days

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In this Adam Lyons Bootcamp Review you'll learn how to get more women in 3 days than most guys will have in 3 lifetimes.



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Adam Lyon's Bootcamp Review

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What is you truly want out of life with women? A long term girlfriend that you love and care for? One night stands? A playboy lifestyle with threesomes every weekend? Well it’s all possible with this bootcamp and Adam’s pioneering teaching methods. Adam has teamed up with one of the leading seduction and pickup companies (PUA Training) to give you everything you need in one jam packed weekend to succeed with women.

Whatever your situation is right now, now matter how bad you are with women Adam will completely destroy your limiting beliefs and take you step by step through is own proven strategies that quite simply get results.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about Adam Lyon’s Bootcamp.

Here’s just some of what you get

  • The perfect opener – How to open any woman with a proven formula designed to create immediate attraction using both verbal and non verbal communication.
  • How to close – The correct way to close the ideal interaction with a girl, so that you can get the number, leave on a high and guarantee that you meet up with her again OR even leave with her then and there.
  • In-field tactics – Applying all the theory that Adam and his coaches have taught you. You will get a full analysis and breakdown of where you went wrong and what you need to improve right there.

How do you know if Adam Lyon’s Bootcamp is right for you?

  • If you always find yourself leaving a club at the end of the night drunk, down on your money and down on your luck with women. You’ll learn how to dominate that club and pickup every hot woman in there, even take home a girl if you want to, it’s easy when you know how.
  • If you find it incredibly difficult to speak to girls. You’ll learn how to open women with such a great vibe that they will be hanging onto every word you say.
  • If you can’t close. You’ll learn how to close an interaction like a super star, leaving her thinking about you and eager to meet up again.


Below are some questions about the Adam Lyon’s Bootcamp product:

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. However there is also a deposit to cover cancelations etc. You will need to contact PUA Training directly for more information on this.

What level is this bootcamp aimed at?

More beginners than anything. If you can’t talk to girls, then this is the bootcamp for you.

Click here to learn more about Adam Lyon’s Bootcamp.

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2 User Ratings

  1. Steve, NYC gave it 4.75 stars average.

    Ok so I got into the game, had some minor success with the mystery method and a blend of methods I had heard of. They really were helping my game but I wasn’t the kind of person to ever use a routine I heard online and I would consistently mess the stuff that I was hearing when I used them in the field. So I decided to attend the Adam Lyons bootcamp. I thought I would wait a couple of weeks to see my results before I wrote an honest review, since I know I hate doing anything that costs me a pretty penny without reading the hell out of reviews on it. He was voted number one pickup artist in the world this year and his boot camp was the cheapest I could find so I said You know what I will do this. I had never considered ever doing a boot camp but I figured it could be a worthwhile investment.
    I got there about 45 minutes late not knowing what to expect and I walked into this dingy small unpainted room at a hotel. I saw Adam and he said hi then went back to lecture. I saw a very big guy with spiky hair who wasn’t exactly a jay crew model when I walked in. I later found him to be Luke Krogh a PUA on the top 10 list this yr. Because I had to get to the venue early I got a two on one lecture from him on the way. At first he seems so social he kind of seems obnoxious and I was a little turned off but what I noticed was the people he was “obnoxious” to seemed to really enjoy his company and he turned out to be an awesome guy with an amazing understand of the dynamics of socializing with other human beings and I can only imagine with that tons of woman. He even made a guy who was yelling at me for blocking him in with my car on a main New York city street smile just by honking my horn at him a certain way.

    I’m not going to elaborate on the venues because you already know they were nice places that we used out game at except to tell you why I gave it three stars. The reason I gave it three stars is because I didn’t feel it helped so much and I realize it’s because of the way he teaches. If Adam’s boot camp was a college class, the classroom would be like your lecture and the venue would be like the lab class. Your expected to do what you were taught about in class and do it with only limited help because you essentially must do it yourself to not only accomplish it but understand what is behind what you just accomplished. The instructors are like the Lab TAs who walk around and only help you either if you ask or if you really mess up. They don’t go into set with you often and they don’t give you lines or routines. Though at the time I thought I didn’t get much out of them I’m now really starting to understand why it was necessary to do it that way.

    so the classroom portion was where you learn the real stuff that will get you from AFC to MPUA. I won’t be giving away any of Adam’s material but I will explain it so you’ll understand exactly how he teaches and how it differs from anything else out there. Adam is to pickup artistry as Einstein is to physics. In fact I would go as far as to say he’s less a pickup artist and more a scientist… a damn good scientist. My best comparison between Adam’s method and the average MPUA’s method, if the game were a literal game, of chess, would be the average material, I feel, gives you a list of things to do when different scenarios arise such as move pawn when he moves Rook but Adam teaches you how to play chess and why you should make certain moves in certain situations.

    The reason I’ve basically left out my personal experience of the boot camp is because I’m a newbie and though the boot camp helped me get over AA and made it much easier to number close a girl as well as get rid of literally any fear of rejection the real payout came weeks later. Its been about three weeks since the boot camp and I’ve now started to incorporate Adam’s method into my everyday life. I now understand why Adam teaches the way he does and that’s because its leaves you the largest opportunity to replicate what you’ve done on your own. I open girls in class all the time and get their numbers as well as girls I meet out, In fact, just last week I got about six numbers and three face book closes. For someone who never number closed like that before its pretty impressive but still it isn’t the most amazing thing. The most amazing thing is now when I go out I can break down exactly what went wrong in every interaction and make a mental note to fix it ,and I don’t just mean for pickup I mean I can use Adam’s method on my friends and on really anyone I choose and it works. He didn’t teach me to pick up woman he taught me how to interact with people in a way that makes the interaction always go in whatever direction I choose. He taught me the science behind pickup not just the material but more why the material works and how to reproduce it What he teaches is really powerful stuff. This is why his boot camp can elevate anyone’s game because he’s not showing you how to push the buttons and pull the levers to split the atom, he’s showing you how to uncover the uranium and build a nuclear power plant. In other words he teaches you the why and the how not just the how like every other method I’ve ever seen and he really is an awesome guy who does try to help his students as much as possible by even going above and beyond the call of duty.

  2. Paul - London uk gave it 5 stars average.

    I first noticed Adam on the Rules Of Seduction about a year ago on C4, and being impressed with his pure skill and passion for game I decided to take the opportunity to do a 1-1 session just before Christmas ,after hearing he was back in London for a while.

    I asked to do 2 hours of training and as such organized to meet up. The whole experience exceeded my expectations. I was first taught some really good confidence building techniques to help approach girls, then within minutes Adam showed me his pick-up techniques on some girls next to us at a table, and needless to say you could sense them going weak at the knees. We then went into the streets and with Adam’s guidance I started to open sets using the Starbucks opener..

    My best approaches (or favourite approaches) was on a cute HB7 in HMV near the games area.. who gave positive IOI’s when I started a conversation, had I escalated further I could of pushed for a close. There was also a 2 set in the street, one of which was quite hot with a slight Essex accent. (id say about an 8) I didn’t transition very well here but got some decent IOI’s and she was even using some kino on me. Adam agreed there was a good vibe. oh and I also got a face book # close from a hot brazilian girl near the end of the training ! hehe

    I also got to meet Adam’s girlfriend Amanda and his wing who were also helping out with different sets so it in a way it was like a small bootcamp situation which was cool. and within the next few days I found myself chatting up a few girls when out shopping. (need loads more practice though to stay in set longer)..

    In summary, Adam is an excellent PUA and teacher, and would highly recommend his tuition to anyone wanting to learn how to game hot girls

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