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Charisma Arts: Conversation Camp Review – Learn How To Charm Any Woman With Simple Words

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In this Charisma Arts - Conversation Camp Review you'll learn how you can change how a woman feels about you, all through conversation.



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Charisma Arts - Conversation Camp Review

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Is it possible to walk into a coffee shop in the middle of the day and walk out with a hot coffee… and a hot girls phone number? Absolutely. In fact any guy can do it within a matter of minutes, all through the power of conversation. Knowing the right thing to say at the right time, is crucial for attracting women, this is what Wayne and his instructors will teach you.

Just think the amount of opportunities you’ve wasted walking by women in the street, sitting down next to you in a coffee shop, standing next to you in line… it’s ridiculous. This course will teach you how to start talking to those women and then build attraction through conversation so you can meet up with her again, if you want to.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about Charisma Arts: Conversation Camp.

Here’s just some of what you get

  • Start a conversation with any woman about any topic, it doesn’t need to be complex or amazing… just a simple topic that helps break the ice and allows you to transition into other areas of conversation.
  • How to talk to and charm groups of women, this works extremely well if you are in a bar or night club. There are right ways to talk to them and wrong ways, you’re going to learn the BEST ways, which are proven to get the best results.
  • How to make people laugh and be the centre of attention when you’re out in with groups of people. You’re going to naturally start attracting women like never before, it’s amazing when it happens.

How do you know if Charisma Arts: Conversation Camp is right for you?

  • If you never know what to say to women. You’ll learn how to come out of your shell and be able to start a conversation with anyone. Whether it’s in a supermarket or cinema, it doesn’t matter.
  • If you find it tough, keeping up the energy in a conversation. You’ll find out what you should be talking about and what you should NEVER talk about with women, also how to use energy spikes to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
  • If you feel angry with yourself when a cute girl walks by you. You’ll learn how to overcome any fear you have of stopping and talking to women, which will help you attracted some amazing women.


Below are some questions about the Charisma Arts: Conversation Camp product:

Is this a bootcamp?

Yes. It’s a two day workshop that focuses on teaching you how to become a conversational master.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. But you will need to get in touch with Charisma Arts to find out their full refund policy for workshops.

Click here to learn more about Charisma Arts: Conversation Camp.

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  1. Dave, Los Angeles gave it 4.5 stars average.

    This review is of the 11/30/07 charm school /w Greg

    Before I start, I’ll give you my background. Prior to the event, I just got out of my 2nd relationship a month ago, and I read “The Game” which inspired me to do some searching on the subject. I eventually came to CA because I wanted a skill set I can also use on guys (minus the escalation).

    Break down..
    Day 1 – Lecture from 3-6, then night game at a Hollywood night club. (We had the luck of hooking up few girls and insta-dated to a nearby diner after the night club)
    Day 2 – Lecure from 12-5, followed by some day game at a shopping center. Then night game at large bar (quiter venue than the first night, but a whole lot bigger)
    Day 3 – 1:30 – 4 debriefing, lecture on day 2’s and phone game.

    My Thoughts:
    It was completely different than what I expected. I thought I was going to watch the experts do their game. But it turned out I was too busy doing me own. I only caught glimpses of their game. A couple of Alumni joined us, and it was really imspiring to meet someone who was like me, and that had game. One of the other Alumni was really helpful and gave me a few tips between sets, which really turbo charged my game. First first night I scored 2 phone numbers, 1 of those being from an insta-date because my instructor was hooking up with her friend.

    2nd day, we went over things from the previous nights, and some lecture on other techniques. Then we went out for some day game, which scared me to death, but I learned stuff from it. At night, we went to a large bar and were for the most part on our own. I forcused on the basics and ended up with 3 number closes and making 1 girl cry because she wanted to kiss me but had a boyfriend for 10 years.

    The only thing this boot camp was missing was sleep. We literally only had 30 min. of sleep because of the Friday night’s insta-date.

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