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Real Social Dynamics: Bootcamp Review – An Up Close And Personal Training Program

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In this Real Social Dynamics - RSD Bootcamp Review you'll learn how you can shave years off the theory of game and actually start getting hot women within days.



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Real Social Dynamics - Bootcamp Review

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Most guys learn about game and apply it (some times) when they’re out with their buddies in a bar or club, so they learn at a very slow a snail paced rate. But there are other guys who are impatient and want to learn about game as quickly as possible, this is where the RSD bootcamp comes in.

The guys at RSD will take you out “in-field” and show you everything you need to know for meeting and attracting beautiful women both in the day time and at night. The bootcamp is over two intense days so you will be speeding up the learning process massively, giving you a rare opportunity to kick start your game and learn pickup skills others develop over several years.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • A personal wingman who stays with you at all times during the practical element of the bootcamp. He will critique your every move and give you live feedback on what you’re doing wrong and right, so you can instantly improve.
  • Theory for meeting and attracting women that has been refined and taught to thousands of guys in the past because it’s proven to work. It’s knowledge that has been developed through real life experiences with actual women. This is everything… what to say, what not to say, how to act, how to move etc.
  • Live demonstrations from coaches who show you everything they teach. There isn’t any B.S about whether the theory they teach is possible, they will show you first hand that it can be done.

How do you know if Real Social Dynamics – Bootcamp Review is right for you?

  • If you’ve read “The Game” wanted to learn this stuff, but just can’t find the time. By booking a course like this, you’re committing to something unique, a set of skills that you can take into all areas of your life once you know them.
  • If you’ve always been a little shy, awkward or irritated around women. You’ll learn how to finally talk to them in a language that they love and react too. Within just two days, you’ll go from a normal guy with no chicks to a player with options all over the place.
  • If you’re tired of not getting laid, walk past countless women during the day and always end up going home alone after a night out. You’ll learn the steps you need to take your love life to any level you want, if you want to get laid more, you can have that… want a girlfriend? You can have that too, anything is possible.


Below are some questions about the Real Social Dynamics – Bootcamp Review product:

How long does it last for?

It’s a two day even (typically) and you’ll be out for most of the day and night for both days.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Tyler is known for being ruthless with his bootcamps and makes all trainers adhere to a strict teaching policy. Meaning, if you don’t get the results you want, you don’t pay and the trainers don’t get paid.

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4 Ratings

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4 User Ratings

  1. Kevin, Mississauga, Ontario gave it 1.25 stars average.

    I attended a bootcamp in Toronto in 2009 and was quite disappointed.

    The first night we went to a loud club with no women there. By the time we decided to go elsewhere, we couldn’t get in anywhere decent. A wasted night.

    Day game the next day was OK. Very little instructions, but the feedback was good.

    The next night pub scene was a little better. Had some good sets, but the instructor was more interested in approaching his own sets than worrying about his students.

    This treated me and the other guy in the camp as if we were in our 20’s. We are in 30’s and 40’s. It made us come across as cheesy and we didn’t get much from the camp.

    These guys can throw you into sets if you have approach anxiety, but can’t really give you good instruction for creating attraction.

  2. SuperGod, Chicago gave it 3 stars average.

    I had a good time but unfortunately didn’t gain the knowledge and skill that I desired. The instructor took us to bars and clubs both nights, even though the first day I showed a desire to do day game, which never happened. I was also hoping to get some fashion advice and that was minimal. I paid $2000 but I think it was worth only $500.

  3. Jay gave it 3 stars average.

    Okay, I will say that RSD was the second of three bootcamp experiences I’ve had. The first was with Michael something, The Dating Wizard, and it was a complete waste of money. But this was many years ago, hopefully if he’s still doing bootcamps he’s brought himself a long way in that time.

    The second was RSD with Tyler Durden and even though it had shortcomings, I am happy with it. I started the bootcamp so shy that I could not talk to anyone. Some days I couldn’t leave my apartment. Over the course of Friday and Saturday night (and my own sarging during the days, totally delirious that I could talk to people) I opened 72 hot women. That might be more than my entire life until that point.

    TD did exactly what I needed to do: he beat down my shyness with a battering ram and had lots of great wisdom in that area. This was pretty much the experience I was hoping to have with the Dating Wizard.

    The positives: he physically forced me to do something that terrified me my entire life and when I had a little nervous breakdown he knew just what to say. And for that I am very grateful. If this is the boat you are in, you should consider this bootcamp. If you’re a little more advanced than that, see the downsides.

    The downside: only saw him in set twice and (knowing what I know now and having the skills I have now) he didn’t do anything amazing.

    Also, one set he did where he was getting a rough reception from one of the guys looked suspiciously like a set that appeared in the RSD newsletter a few days after the bootcamp, but in the newsletter version Tyler executed all sorts of subtle, alpha behavious which caused the guy to lean forward to listen and be dominated just like the girls. If the newsletter was discussing the set I saw, it just didn’t happen like that.

    Also also also, day 3 didn’t go as advertised. It was supposed to be six hours of day game sarging and instead we sat in the Hard Rock Cafe for four hours while TD talked about game, powerful behaviours, etc. then spent the next two hours printing our free manual at Kinkos. I couldn’t really understand the manual because it was full of shorthand abbreviations of things that we didn’t talk about. (But the portion of the manual where you write down and commit to your goals was cool.) I’m putting this as a downside because I could have used another day of sarging with a guru, but some others might have gotten more from the lecture and manual.

    Also also also also, TD kept answering his phone while lecturing. It just seemed unprofessional to me.

    My third bootcamp experience was MCMaax at Maaximum Seduction. RSD taught me it’s okay to talk to people, this guy taught me how to be powerful with people. I wish RSD had taught me that so my progress would’ve been a lot faster.

  4. Si gave it 0.75 stars average.

    I am a massive admirer of Tyler & the RSD products… especially The Blueprint. The Blueprint is one of the deepest and best PUA DVD products I have ever seen.

    With all these good things I decided to do a bootcamp in 2010 with Alex. I have to say I was extremely dissapointed. Alex hardly taught me anything and feedback of any kind was very limited. Instead of trying to help me and boost my confidence he only put me down. On the last night we (myself & the other student) actually had to search for him several times in the club. He was too busy trying to pickup girls to be bothered helping me or the other student. I wouldn’t have minded if he’d done it as a live demonstration of how to do things but this really wasn’t the case.

    I feel I was ripped off. It was no way worth the money. Do yourself a favour – Buy the Blueprint (it really is amazing) and do a bootcamp with someone else instead. AFC Adam is great… also Lovesystems.

    Best of luck.

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