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PUA Training: UK Bootcamp Review – Smash Through Your Fears of Meeting and Attracting Women in One Weekend

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In this PUA Training - UK Bootcamp Review you'll learn how to approach, meet and attract women like a pro, even if you're the furthest thing from a ladies man.



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PUA Training - UK Bootcamp Review

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PUA Training have developed an intense weekend that will allow you to smash through any inhibitions you have about women and finally help you to understand what it is women want. If you’re serious about taking yourself out of your comfort zone and putting your nerves to the test, then this bootcamp will most certainly do that.

Each trainer has their own area of expertise and will guide you through the crucial elements of game, such as day game, night game, dance floor game, fashion, body language, opening, closing and much more. By the end of this weekend, you’ll will have spoken to more women in 48 hours that you have in your entire life.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about PUA Training – UK Bootcamp.

Here’s just some of what you get

  • Opening and closing – How to open any woman, build attraction and close like a true pro. You’ll be able to start a conversation spontaneously, keep the conversation going for as long as you like and make her want to meet up with you again.
  • Day and night game – You’ll be taken out by experienced trainers in-field both in the day time and night time to show you the two different environments. Some guys prefer day game and other prefer night game, whichever you prefer, you’ll be shown the key strategies for attracting women in both.
  • Fashion advice – How to dress the part and make women notice you without even saying a word. Most men don’t care about fashion and it shows, women love fashion and when they spot a guy who knows what he’s talking about, it’s a REAL turn on.

How do you know if PUA Training – UK Bootcamp is right for you?

  • If you’re shy around women and never seem to know what to say. You’ll learn how to act around women so that they take notice when you enter a room and look at you as a sexual partner, not a friend or average guy.
  • If your confidence is at an all time low. You’ll learn how to boost your confidence almost instantly and learn techniques that will allow you to tap into that inner confidence whenever you want, so that you can chat to women in any situation.
  • If you’re unsociable and never really go out with friends and chat to women. You’ll learn how to walk into any room, befriend everyone there and walk out with the hottest woman every time.


Below are some questions about the PUA Training – UK Bootcamp product:

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. You need to speak to PUA Training about that, but if you are on the bootcamp and don’t like the course for whatever reason, you can have a full refund.

Will this help me attract any woman I want?

The bootcamp is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and take you into a new mindset, also areas of your personality you haven’t explored before. This will help you meet new people (including hot women) and give you the chance to make a long term change with your love life.

Click here to learn more about PUA Training – UK Bootcamp.

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  1. mDawg gave it 4.75 stars average.

    Being from Manchester, I took Gambler’s bootcamp in London. I figured this can serve me best since they’re teaching me how to operate in my own home field and cultural environment! Obviously the girls in Manchester are by far hotter than in London but hey, it’s still UK :)

    We were taught what we were promised, day game tactics (openers, BL, routines, general tips for approach at day time), night game, some state fortifiers, how to utilize the dance floor, a lot of material we can use, some routines we can use that should be very effective, cocky funny NLP stuff and so forth, although I’m personally not a big believer in ‘effective stuff to say’, but the other guys were pretty excited about it and used it in the field. Also some inner game philosophy which was nice.

    The big thing was at least for me the field time. These guys (we spent most of the time with Gambler and Beckster, and Kezia too but I’ll talk about that in a minute) know their game, and their presence, just what they give away when they are there, is strong. It makes you feel that you are in good hands. Once you see them at work, you SEE with your eyes how smooth things can be. Gambler is somewhat good looking, Beckster certainly isn’t (sorry Beckster mate!). For Gambler too it’s mostly his appearance (the way he dresses, presents himself etc.) rather than his natural beauty, if you get my drift :)) Ok enough with that, anyway seeing these guys operate installs faith in you. It’s real, it’s happening right there, in my own country, with girls that I could be gaming all the same. It’s an experience that was almost essential to my confidence.

    We did day game and night game, I opened in total about 10 sets (=approached 10 girls, for you newbies), Beckster, Gambler and Kezia all corrected me while and after I was at it just to help me fix those little ‘bugs’, small but big things in my approaches, if you know what I mean. My day sets were actually in the street, I never had too much approach anxiety (I mean I do have it but it’s not severe) so the guys didn’t work with me on that, but rather on my body language which apparently could use some tweaking! They also offered some more ‘advanced’ stuff to say but I didn’t use it after the bootcamp, since as I wrote I’m not a fan of scripted stuff.

    Kezia is a very pretty woman and having her totally on your side (her being ‘one of the guys’) for the length of the bootcamp was awesome. She tells you secrets to help your game that only a hot girl can tell you.. and that you won’t hear from your hot girl friends, since they’ll just go like “oh, I don’t know.. it’s just the way it is you know what I mean yeah” (trust me, I have experience with this. Girl friends are useless for advice on anything in fact. Kezia was resourceful indeed and her tips and presence helped a lot.

    Sorry for not being systematic about my description of the bootcamp but this is my general impression about it. I had a great time and learned a lot and felt pleased about it all. This cannot be substituted for a book or a DVD. I use what I have learned to this very day, many of it unconsciously, especially the BL and tonality tips and so on. The bootcamp was an essential step in my long way path to being a master PUA. It also left a good feeling in me, sort of like ‘I have this on my side now, it’s strong stuff’. Gambler and his team remain an inspiration.

    About “attentiveness and ratio” it was fine, never felt I’m being left out. The guys seemed to really care that I get it right.

    Enjoy it guys,

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