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Double Your Dating: Cocky Comedy Review – The Killer Attraction Combination

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Possibly the most powerful way to attract women. In this Cocky Comedy review you'll learn why these techniques will have women fighting over you.



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Cocky comedy review

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There is a magical combination of words that most naturals use that attracts a woman so fast, it looks like you have a gift to any other man watching. The fact is though, they are using something called “Cocky Comedy” which is basically using both humour and outright confidence that appeals to all women, no matter what age, ethnicity or background. They are hard wired to respond to this stuff.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • How to make your humour so addictive that women will not be able to shake you from their thoughts and will beg you to come out with them. This program will show you how to be funny, even if you’re not!
  • How to avoid the most common “Cocky Comedy” mistakes which lead guys down the wrong path and slowly makes them worse with women than when they started. You’ll be able to not only stop yourself, but make your game tighter than ever.
  • A magic secret to creating INSTANT attraction with a woman, that is based on biology, meaning they CANNOT stop themselves from feeling attraction for you. You’ll have women acting very forward around you just to impress you, it’s truly incredible when it happens.

How do you know if Double your Dating Cocky Comedy is right for you?

  • If you’re absolutely convinced you aren’t funny, women NEVER laugh at your jokes and you’re mostly quiet or shy when it comes down to talking to them. You’re going to learn how any one can be funny, with the right words.
  • If you’re always feeling like you’re TOO funny around women and always end up being the dork of the group. This program will show you how to stop being a dork and start balancing out the humour to make women love your jokes.
  • If women thin you’re TOO cocky and you come across as arrogant, even when you’re not. The techniques in this course will show you how to make the cockiness attract women like wild fire when partnered with carefully worded jokes.


Below are some questions about the Double your Dating Cocky Comedy product:

Is this a physical product?

Yes and no. It’s primarily a digital product which you can watch right after paying. But you also have the option to buy the physical version on DVD’s if you prefer.

I’m seriously not funny, is this going to teach me how to be funny?

Yep. The guys being interviewed on stage are pros at this stuff and will show you how humour works on a fundamental level. By the end, you’ll actually be far funnier than when you started.

Click here to learn more about Double your Dating Cocky Comedy.

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