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Bad Boy Lifestyle: DNA Seminar Cuts VOL I Review – Adopt The Same DNA as a Natural Player

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In this Bad Boy Lifestyle - DNA Seminar Cuts VOL I Review you're going to learn how to adopt the exact DNA of a natural player.



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With a reputation in Europe that seems to be solid, Bad boy brings out Volume one of his very popular DNA seminar which exposes some very brutal truths about pickup and what it takes to become an absolute master with seducing women.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Why some guys are born naturals and other guys just seem to struggle through life with women.
  • How to match the DNA of a bad boy without being a complete dick. You’ll discover certain characteristics that must be adopted which increase your chances with women instantly.
  • Which women want to have fun – You’ll learn how you can tell which girls in a club or bar are looking for a guy that night and what you need to say to get them attracted to you.

Who is DNA seminar cuts for?

  • If you have always been known as the nice guy and women just want to be your friend. You’ll finally break that terrible spell and women will be chasing you for once.
  • If you always seem to get shot down in bars and clubs. This DVD will show you what you’re doing wrong and how to make sure every woman wants you as soon as you walk in.
  • If you can’t sexually escalate with a woman. The teachings in this DVD will help you take one simple conversation with a woman to a heated and sexually charged encounter within minutes of meeting her.


Below are some questions about the DNA seminar cuts product:

How long is the DVD?

It’s around 3 hours of intense content and proven techniques that Bad Boy uses himself.

Will the material Bad Boy teaches work for me?

Absolutely. Whether you want to get a girlfriend or you want to get laid, the tips outlined in this DVD will help you achieve that.

Click here to learn more about DNA seminar cuts.

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  1. Sandy gave it 3.75 stars average.

    Ok, so I’m not a real fan of Bad Boy as he comes across as some crazy war veteran, but I saw some clips of this seminar on You Tube and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a go. After watching the entire thing, I can say two things with absolute confidence:

    1. Bad boy is a crazy mofo, with a lot of knowledge about women
    2. There are some real gems in this DVD, that will get your mind shifting to new places

    I’m not the great seducer, lover or player but after a few days of going back and forth through the footage, it’s definitely helping my confidence and opening my eyes to what can be achieved with women.

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