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Love Systems: Magic Bullets eBook Review – A Proven Method For Meeting, Attracting And Seducing Women

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In this Love Systems - Magic Bullets eBook Review you'll learn how you can attract any woman you want and seduce her, regardless of how good your game is now.



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Love Systems - Magic Bullets eBook Review

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Taking into account the ironic title, we all know there are no “magic bullets” in the world of pickup, nothing will be able to give you instant results, if you have zero game… it’s just not going to happen. But what you will find in this comprehensive eBook is a large number of proven techniques which have been developed over the years by Savoy and made into a system that any guy can learn.

No matter how bad you are with women or what point you’re at with learning pickup. You’ll be able to get an insight into how a true master of pickup should be thinking. From the foundations of dating to the advanced skills of success, it’s all here. So if you’re ready to take the next step in refining your game, this guide will take you there.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • In a hurry to learn? Try this quick approach technique that will quadruple your success with women overnight. You’ll learn more using this one technique on any woman, than you have learning hundreds of hours worth of theory.
  • Intimacy 101. How to build extreme levels of comfort with women, so that you can easily remove them from their friends, take them home on the first night or even make them your girlfriend. Comfort is the key!
  • The biggest mistake men make with women and why if you stop making this mistake today, you’ll immediately improve your confidence, take control of your emotions and project attractive qualities as a man.

How do you know if Love Systems – Magic Bullets eBook is right for you?

  • If you’re stuck with pickup and don’t know what to do next. You’ll learn about the crucial parts of pickup and where you currently are, which will give you a clear understanding of where you need to go in order to improve.
  • If you suck with women. You’ll discover a system that has been developed and refined over 5 years by Savoy. Once learnt you’ll be able to stop women with ease, build attraction quickly and take things to the next level without any complication.
  • If you’re never consistent with women. You’ll finally discover what it is you’re doing wrong and why you’re sometimes good with women and sometimes not.


Below are some questions about the Love Systems – Magic Bullets eBook product:

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. A 30 day money back, no questions asked guarantee in fact.

Click here to learn more about Love Systems – Magic Bullets eBook.

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4 User Ratings

  1. Fame2Advancement gave it 4.5 stars average.

    Magic Bullets is the E-book written by Savoy (CEO of Love Systems and Mystery Method)which he claims this is “the bible” of all “current” Mystery Method instructors.

    The title refers to a change in the “layout” of the Mystery Method- whereby gone are A=Attraction C=Comfort and S=Seduction of Mystery’s M3 Model.
    Instead we now have “The Emotional Progression Model” which is listed using Bullet Points (or Magic Bullets).
    This maybe more coherent intially than the running PUA MM joke “Am I in A-C2.4 yet?” however more on that later.

    The book opens with “a simple system you can use tonight”, which requires 20 minutes of reading if you’re out in a hurry. Whilst very basic, it gives an overview of successful interacting, with not only girls, but your Social Environment, Mannerisms and Expectations, Time in each “Stage” (this alone almost got me an F-close when I first tried it in a nightclub).

    A noteable but ingenious introduction of a new stage is “Transitioning”, between Attraction and Comfort. It is a gear change which since using has increased the majority of cold approach interactions from under 10 minutes to 60 minutes plus (more than enough to “progress”).

    Magic Bullets is still very true to its roots as a step by step “system based” Method and there are too many interesting points to cover, which Mystery didn’t expand upon in his own Method. Read and see what I mean.

    A point which I think any mature male needs to take on board is the expanded sections on a man’s “Survival Value”. Social Reputation, Business Achievements, Pre-selection by other women, Social Intelligence are all essential for lasting PUA success.
    Mystery hinted using caveman theory, but as a successful businessman and an ever socially connected PUA, Savoy drives this point home to his readers (which may only appeal to those 21 years older or above who are socially experienced).

    Now some moot critisism. The E-book is way too long(especially in some sections), very text based and as stated below it was like a Computer Science Cram. However I think it was another PUA who said getting laid like a Rock Star is a lot easier, than putting together a successful band name and album/s.
    Also some of the language used wasn’t always that engaging. There are too many references to Love System endorsed sites, PUAs and external forums.

    Also it is Savoys Bullet Point System itself. Whilst I have no trouble remembering the worded steps, it is when he starts cross referencing them later on I wish there was some easier way to remember what he was cross referencing- maybe a system like A-C1 would help….?

    Still one of my top 3 E-books along with the original Method though.

  2. dagon gave it 5 stars average.

    Like most guys, when I first discovered the community I read lots of material for about a month before start practicing in field. It took me several months to clearly decide which method should I focus on. Initially I get excited about ‘Inner Game’ theories and principles like “If you have confidence women will chase after you” or “You don’t have to change, just be yourself” but later on I realized that those things were just appealing to my (and many others’) ears. Unfortunately, as ‘great’ as they sounded, they didn’t make much of a difference in improving my game.

    What really helped me rise from the depths was the analytical step by step approach of the Mystery Method. It allowed me to correct things one by one, step by step, until I started getting results. Hell, when I started I wasn’t even able to hold a 5 minute conversation with a woman I didn’t knew. The routines proved really helpful there and after a while I realized that my ‘on the flow’ conversation skills had improved as well!

    During last year I have met several community guys. With some of them I interacted more frequently, with others less. Nevertheless, the only two persons I witnessed dramatically improving their game was the only two guys (except from me of course) that had chosen the Mystery Method as their ‘path’ to follow. All others kept running in circles and not getting anywhere. Here I have to define something because what I just said may cause a great deal of misundertanding: Most of those guys weren’t following a particular method, they were rather obsessed with what we call ‘natural game’ and the PU Gurus that are associated with it (you know, those that keep saying to you not to use any routines etc).

    I am a practical person and to believe something I need to see it first. I vividly remember my 2 first months of practice when I had read so much inner game material that I felt like the king of the world all day. Yet, it didn’t seem to make any difference when it came to picking up girls. So…

    But I really want to be objective. I possess a highly analytical way of thinking (just like mathematicians) and maybe that was the reason that this particular method helped me so much. I am not an intuitive person but a deep rationalist instead. So, if you share those same traits, I definitely recommend commiting to the Mystery Method as it will serve you the best. However, a more intuitive individual may benefit more from a more natural pu system. Fact is, extensive analysis bores the hell outta some people and if you are bored with something there is no way you will stick with it.

    And my last note: For guys that are set way back when it comes to meeting women, an analytical, in-depth system with practical advice on ‘how to’ will be much more suitable. I used to be one of those guys and trust me, if you are doing so many things wrong at the same time you have to break down your interactions and start correcting them few at a time, else you are doomed to get lost.

    Keep gaming!

  3. Slainte gave it 1.75 stars average.

    I second the first review written. I bought that e-book after watching the VH1 show. it is so complicated I couldn’t even comprehend it, not to mention actually use what it says! there are complex tables inside, this e-book looks like a computer science exam cram! Could be cool for mega brains who like to make a computer program out of everything. alas, I am just ‘a normal guy’. I’m not crying over spilt milk because the whole thing has introduced me to the dating education world and to the fact that this area can be learned and mastered. I am happy I found this site and the seduction community because they lay out quite a few options to study from

  4. mDawg gave it 2.75 stars average.

    Ok so this ebook describes the ins and outs of the Mystery Method, so writing a review about the ebook means writing a review about the method.

    What I don’t like about this method is its extreme complexity. The underlying assumption behind the method is that women inheritedly have higher value than you and you should trick them to believe that you actually have even higher value than theirs. As such the method motivates you adopt very specific programmed behaviors, specific things to say, ways to dress and so on.

    This may work for some people but I find some major flaws in this attitude:

    You cannot do this half way, because it will come off as phony and confused (actually it is indeed phony, but the point is that it should not come out this way in the eyes of the observer). That’s why you must either take on the ‘mystery method persona’ in full or not use it at all. If you do choose to take the MM path, you will have to erase your personality almost completely and adopt the one that they give you. It’s almost like a cult. This is why the term ‘mystery clone’ is popular in the community. And you really see this in clubs, guys that dress in the same fashion and say EXACTLY (word for word) the same things to women. Imagine how a woman freaks out when 3 guys come to her one after the other all dressed the same and say exactly the same words in the same tonality. It’s like in a science fiction movie, but it’s really happening. I have seen tens of guys like this by now and none of them get any women what so ever. And especially after the VH1 show, women are already aware of the origin of this kind of game and can catch you in the act and say ‘hey you’re doing that thing from the VH1 show’, even if you don’t use the same lines as were used in the show. They just pick on the concept, women have good intuition.

    Which brings me to the second point which is, that the method is so complicated and convoluted, full of lengthy theories and a large amount of nuances, that it takes a huge amount of work and dedication to actually master this. You have to put in actually sometimes years of effort. And you can’t stop mid-way because if you don’t master it in full it comes off as fake to the girl. In other words, you’ll have to do A LOOOOOOOOOT of homework to master this method. It’s harder to fake being a rock star, than to actually go and really be one!

    That’s why so many guys do it and don’t get anywhere. I’m writing this review just to tell you that, before you even step in the door, this is what awaits you. And the most frustrating part is that while you are struggling with this complex method other guys get girls doing much simpler things. The method has many ‘rules’ (don’t compliment before you neg, don’t do this before that, do that only after this and so on, stand at certain angles), but then you see guys that look just like you and have the same social status as you ignore all the rules and get the girls. which proves that these are not rules of society or rules of girls psychology, they are just the rules of this specific method. In real life you can break these rules back and forth and still get the girls. So why over complicate matters so much and why hand over your personality and let someone else dictate to you who you are and what to say, when actually you can break most of the rules that they give you anyway and succeed all the same. It’s not that their rules are false, it’s just that they are really really over complicated things. This is because the method tries to cover up who you really are by a series of false presentations. Since you’re basically acting a fake show, it’s very hard to pull off properly and that’s why there are so many rules. There are some basic rules that will always be true and that every PUA swears by (don’t be needy etc. etc.), but this method has like tens of rules, some of them very meticulous in an almost obsessive way.

    Another thing is, at the risk of sounding rude, that once you got the ‘MM vibe’ then for some reason you come off as extremely gay. MM guys give an extreme gay vibe. Some women love it though, so perhaps it works in your favor. In this day and age, who knows.

    The ebook itself is comprehensive and delivers the method the best an ebook can. Savoy did a great job with his writing. If you want to get into the MysteryMethod world, I recommend this ebook in full. I just feel that those unfamiliar with the method should know what they’re getting into before they take the dip. I own and use a lot of materials from various PUAs and use it to a fair amount of success, and none of it is as complicated and convoluted and difficult to extract actual results from (results==sex or relationships with women) as this method.


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