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Real Social Dynamics: The Nine Ball Review – The Story Of A Broken Man Who Transformed Into A Renegade PUA

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In this Real Social Dynamics - The Nine Ball Review you'll learn how Jeffy became one of the most respected PUA's at RSD and how he gets laid like a rock star.



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Real Social Dynamics - The Nine Ball Review

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Jeffy Allen was coaxed into revealing his long, rocky and severally messed up road to PUA stardom, as he takes you on a personal journey of inner discovery. This is the story of how PUA Jlaix become the man he is today, warts and all. Whether you’re a wannabe PUA or wise natural, there will be something for you to laugh about with this maniac’s story and possibly even learn.

Unlike the other programs you’ll find with RSD, this is a hardcover and first of it’s kind that aims to please the reader by offering tips, techniques and life lessons Jeffy has picked up along the way.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Why most guys fail in life and what you need to do about it if you want a better life for yourself. Jeffy dissects what went wrong with him and how you can get rid of your own issues very quickly.
  • The one big sin you will or probably have committed in your life that will single handedly ruin your chances of closing any girl you really want. Learn this, master it and never be left behind wondering what the hell went wrong.
  • A full breakdown of attraction. Everything you need to totally transform your mind, body and emotions that will drive you into becoming the ultimate PUA.

How do you know if Real Social Dynamics – The Nine Ball is right for you?

  • If you constantly battle your emotions when around women. You’ll learn how to handle your emotions, stop feeling jealous, hurt, left out and paranoid so that you can project a type of personality women go crazy for.
  • If you’ve had a bad past with family or friends. You’ll learn how to overcome any obstacle in life not matter how bad your past or childhood was, Jeffy went through some terrible experiences, but he’s still happy, getting laid and moving forward at full speed with his life… and so can you!
  • If you’re stuck. You’ll learn how to get out of any rut you’re in with women and turn it around to make things always work out. Women are EASY to conquer when you know the right steps to take.


Below are some questions about the Real Social Dynamics – The Nine Ball product:

Is this a digital product?

No it’s a hardcover book, that’s physically shipped to you.

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  1. dan gave it 3.75 stars average.

    Jeffy is quite a character, someone should make a movie about him, he’s literally a hollywood figure. It’s a really fun read for the most part, except the somewhat tragic events of his childhood which he describes. There’s a big bunch of field reports that are quite detailed, but I guess that’s a part of the story. The ending is somewhat euphoric.

    It’s a great read but don’t except a pickup manual or a deep philosophy essay. Funny how the rsd worshipers try to find a deep hidden meaning in every sentence in the book, but then again, rsd worshipers, they are what they are ;)

    Highly recommended as a fun, witty, light, interesting and somewhat inspirational read. It’s basically about an eccentric character and his wild adventures. Very little about the ‘community’ and so on. Mostly about jeffy and the girls that were fortunate/unfortunate to bump into him :))

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