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Double Your Dating: On Being A Man Review – How To Become A More Attractive Man Naturally

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Discover the secrets to becoming a naturally attractive man. In this On Being a Man review, we reveal what qualities women look for and why they are important.



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On being a man review

Product Information

Why is it some guys always seem to get the girl and you don’t? You look good, you present yourself well, you’re healthy, but for some reason you just don’t ever seem to get the girl you want and she ends up going off with the jerk. Well it’s actually down to many things, a collection of qualities the most attractive men have… and it’s nothing to do with looks or wealth.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • How to remain cool and calm around hot women, just like you would be around average women you’re not attracted too so that you naturally start attracting the hotties.
  • How to stop being so needy and sub consciously wanting assurance from other people, which will make women want you so much more.
  • 6 things women look for in a man and can sense the moment they meet you, if you miss just one of these points she’ll know instantly and put you in the friend zone or the ‘not attractive’ category.

How do you know if On Being A Man from Double Your Dating is right for you?

  • If you’re the kind of guy that seeks approval from a woman and always takes offense when she rejects you. You’ll learn why rejection is a good thing and how seeking approval lowers your value dramatically.
  • If you’re a guy that wouldn’t consider himself one of the lads – You’ll learn how to project more alpha qualities without being a douche, so that would are naturally drawn to you.
  • If you’re the kind of guy that women REALLY “like” but never want to be more than just friends. Finally you’ll discover how to bust through that friends zone and make women feel enormously attracted to you. So much so, they will want to make you their boyfriend quite quickly.


Below are some questions about the Double Your Dating On Being A Man product:

I’m not an alpha male, will this material turn me into a dick?

No. They help you recognise what qualities you need to make a woman feel safe and protected. She wants to know that you are there for her and will protect her when she needs it. You don’t have to bash people over the head like a caveman.

Click here to learn more about On Being A Man from Double Your Dating.

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