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Venusian Arts: Revelations Book Review – Develop Rock Star Social Proof

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In this Venusian Arts - Revelations Book Review we reveal some of the most advanced pick-up tactics ever used. Has Mystery out done himself?



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Revelations book - By Mystery

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The biggest player of them all and one of the founding fathers of the pick up industry has returned with the greatly anticipated Revelations book. But is it any good? Mystery tried hard to steer away from the old Mystery Method material and focus on what his loyal fans want to really hear… the new material.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • The art of social proof – Mystery takes you through a whirlwind of strategies designed to put you in an unstoppable social proof position. You’ll be able to rock into any bar or club and own the place within a very short period of time, not only that but you’ll get hordes women wanting to know “who is that guy?”.
  • How to create powerful stories that captivate women – Everyone knows that story telling is an incredible skill to have, but what people don’t tell you is how to do it properly. Mystery gives you his EXACT story telling techniques that will captivate, seduce and make any woman want you BADLY.
  • Rock solid methods on opening up ANY set – A set is one of the hardest ways to game, you need to be skilled, confident and prepared. You’re going to discover secrets that will help you open any size set with ease and get the target without anyone in the group even knowing what you’re up to – This is a sick part of the book!
  • 5 crucial primary emotions you must master – Women are very emotional, they respond to everything you say or do… even if it’s just subtle. Once you master these emotions and instill them in a woman, she will be yours forever. Use these CAREFULLY!

Who is the Revelations book for?

  • If you absolutely suck at gaming girls in bars or clubs and need to become a social proof master, this can seriously help you in that area.
  • If you find it ridiculously difficult to carry on a conversation with a girl after the first 2 minutes.
  • If you can’t open a set but really want to learn how to.


Below are questions about the Revelations book product:

Is this an eBook or physical book?

Both. You buy the physical book first and then have the option to get the eBook if you want to.

Are Mystery’s techniques just a gimmick?

This is a growing debate and there are certainly some techniques he uses which are very geeky, however is a master at this stuff and has some nuggets of pure wisdom to share.

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  1. Sam gave it 3.5 stars average.

    I’ve read through the entire book and finished it in about two hours, in all honesty it’s a very good read. Will it make you a Venusian Artist (whatever that is)? Well no not really, but it will make you more aware of your surroundings in a bar/club scenario.

    I now make myself fully aware of what’s going on the moment I step inside a venue, from the staff and big spenders to the other guys scouting chicks and of course the women. The one thing this book did for me that no other material has ever done is help me with social proof.

    Mystery you can leave the magic at home my friend :)

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