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Venusian Arts: Revelations DVD Set Review – Become A Social Animal

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In this Venusian Arts - Revelations DVD Set Review we're going to show you how Mystery's newest and most advanced techniques can change your game forever!



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Mr goggles strikes again, with an impressive video product based on the very popular revelations book but with several unique twists, which has amassed a large following of faithful gamers. The book was a taster of what Mystery and Venusian Arts has to offer, the video product is just on a whole other level when it comes to pick-up material that delivers.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Attraction switches – Oh boy, I wasn’t ready for this one. Knowing how to turn her attraction towards you up or down on demand and being full in control of the situation with a woman is just too good, this one topic for me was worth the price of the DVD set.
  • Adopting mystery’s mindset – He calls it his headspace, but it’s basically uncovering what he does in any given situation to have complete and utter confidence that women melt over.
  • Secrets of negging – I’d always have trouble with these, but this part covers how you should be negging and the secrets to finding the right balance so you don’t end up truly insulting her and losing her interest. Works like crazy!
  • Role playing – Sounded a bit strange when I first started watching this part, but it’s so powerful that women will end up begging you to keep playing along. It’s no question that women love role playing, it’s exciting and sexy for them, so it has to be part of your game.

Who is the Revelations DVD set for?

  • If you’ve read the Revelations book and want to move onto more advanced material with deeper explanations of certain topics.
  • If you are using Mystery’s current material and want to learn is new routines.
  • If you like routine based pick-up and want to discover canned openers, gambits and story telling that is proven to work.


Below are questions about the Revelations DVD product:

What new routines does Mystery share?

He goes over new material that is demonstrated live in the bootcamp footage. There is also a whole wealth of knowledge on the interviews with Love Drop.

What’s different with the DVD’s that’s not in the book?

Plenty. For a start he shows you REAL secret footage shot on one of his bootcamps, also he goes into great detail on every one of his routines, tricks and gambits on camera. You just don’t get this first person approach with the book.

Click here to learn more about the Revelations DVD/CD set.

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