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Richard La Ruina: Stealth Attraction Review – Seriously Advanced Game

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Gambler has crazy skills when it comes to seducing some of the most beautiful women in the world, but can he teach you how to do the same?



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Stealth attraction review

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Just when we thought all has been said in the pickup scene, Gambler is back with a new set of techniques and product called Stealth Attraction. Gambler is now using a positive twist on the indirect ‘under the radar’ approach, which yields much less rejections, but this time doesn’t involve faking who you are or using weird opinion openers. Seems like quite a refreshing set of pickup tools.

NOTE: Stealth Attraction is now repackaged and the introductory DVD is yours for free.

Intrigued? Click here to learn more about Stealth Attraction.

Here’s just some of what you get

  • Secrets body language techniques that only the most skilled naturals use to attract and turn on multiple women at the same time without even saying a word!
  • A simple but incredibly powerful line that you can use on ANY woman to instantly turn them on and feel a deep level of attraction towards you in minutes
  • Probably the BIGGEST mistake you’re making night after night in bars and clubs without even knowing it – Totally ruining your chances of ever sleeping with a beautiful woman
  • A fail-proof attraction method specifically designed to get any woman you desire to kiss you in 6 minutes or less… the moment you utter the first word

Who is Stealth Attraction for?

  • If you find it hard to sexually escalate with a girl once you begin talking to her, Gambler shows you the shortcuts.
  • If you can’t tell whether she likes you or not, there are some killer tips on making sure.
  • If you talk too much and always seem to ruin your chances of hooking up with a girl. You’ll learn about talking through subtle effective movements.


Below are some questions about the Stealth Attraction product, for more in-depth questions you need to go to the Stealth Attraction questions page, where you can ask your own too.

Are the techniques in the product the same old re-hashed methods that Gambler taught in previous courses?

There are some techniques which are mentioned in the course that have been taught by Gambler before, however they are much more in-depth this time around. But the new techniques far out way the older methods and there are tons of them! Solid techniques that will get you results.

Is it a physical product or downloadable course?

It’s a physical product which is shipped to you

Click here to learn more about Stealth Attraction.

2 Ratings

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2 User Ratings

  1. Henry gave it 4.75 stars average.

    I really dislike the way the industry advertises its products and this is no exception. I often wonder who these slavering imbeciles are who read ‘secret fail-proof attraction method’ and belief it…

    Having said that, I really liked Gambler’s products. Being British and having been to one of his bootcamps and met the man (albeit only briefly) I found him very convincing and have since followed his latest releases with interest. So while the marketing hype surrounding this product is the usual tiresome crap, I thought the product itself was excellent.

    What I liked about this was that it offered a approach to seduction and socialising that was innovative and wasn’t weird or embarrassing. Mystery Method may have it advocates and it successes, but I personally don’t want to be running around a club wearing stupid hats and doing magic tricks trying to steal girls from some cool guy. I actually want to be that cool guy. Most game exists outside of normal social rules, but Stealth Attraction exists inside it. It seems that Gambler has used his considerable field experience to de-construct social dynamics so that he can teach the rules from the ground up. So what you happens when you watch Stealth Attraction is that you’re constantly going ‘ah, that’s how it works? How did I not realise that before?’ and learning the subtleties of human interaction in a way you just don’t when you read something like The Game which mostly gives you quick-fixes to problems, rather than a broader understanding of what’s going on.

    Stealth Attraction strikes me as the next step in seduction evolution. It seems that first you get AFCs, they they learn how to sleep with women and become PUAs. But there’s a stage after that – becoming a regular cool guy with a good social life which has women in it. Stealth Attraction seeks to transform you into a generally well-adapted sociable man instead of a guy who’s weird generally, but very good at getting women to sleep with him.

    So I’d recommend Stealth Attraction very strongly. But I’d add the caveat that it’s not exactly beginner stuff. It’s for people who want to really overhaul their social lives, and who are already somewhat socially aware, rather than for total newbies or people who just want to get laid.

    With regards to value for money, the way I think PUA Training sell it is that you buy the product for not very much money but you’re automatically signed up to this monthly subscription group call MPUA University. Note: you don’t need to keep paying that so, on that basis, it’s great value.

  2. Bernie Feng gave it 4.5 stars average.

    Okay, the best thing about this product: results. This product is, hands down, of all the things I’ve tried, the best. I not really too interested in the theory, I just wanna know what works for me, and what doesn’t. I’ve tried all the normal methods like Mystery, Vin DiCarlo’s stuff, Mehow, Love Systems but this was the one that worked the best. The thing about Gambler’s stuff is that it’s so sneaky it made me feel like I had super-power and control over women and I’ve been getting so many more k-closes and n-closes as a result. When you use this on girls they don’t even know what happening to them. Most effective product I’ve bought.

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