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Real Social Dynamics: The Blueprint Decoded Review – The Most Advanced Dating Advice You’ll Ever Come Across

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In this Real Social Dynamics - The Blueprint Decoded Review you''ll learn the secrets behind the most successful dating advice course in history.



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Real Social Dynamics - The Blueprint Decoded Review

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Have you ever been in a club, spotted a hot girl that you’d love to speak to and ended up just getting wasted instead of actually going over there and saying something? Don’t worry most guys have. But what was the real reason you didn’t go over to her… was it nerves? Not knowing what to say? Or was it that your core identity wasn’t up to standard?

Well the answer is in your core identity, who you are as a man. The reason you didn’t go over is because you’re not truly confident with who you are as a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this 20 disc DVD program, you’re going to learn the most advanced dating, social dynamics and self perception techniques available. It covers everything you would ever want to know about women and starts with you from the inside out.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Learn how to develop and channel your core personality so that you can talk about anything to a woman (even Star Trek) and she’ll still be insanely attracted to you, because you are comfortable in your own skin and not afraid to show it.
  • How to master social dynamics in a way that allows you to step into any room, any scenario and dominate every social interaction you have with a woman. She’ll feel magnetically drawn to you and won’t understand why.
  • How to live “in the moment” so that women are naturally drawn to you, want to be around you and beg you to have sex with them because they simply can’t get enough of your personality. Spontaneity in it’s truest form, is the most attractive quality you can develop.

How do you know if Real Social Dynamics – The Blueprint Decoded is right for you?

  • If you walk into social situations with your head down and your mindset even lower. You’ll discover secrets to social domination that will allow you to obliterate any internal confidence crushing thoughts and emit an energy that women just can’t resist.
  • If you have zero game with women. You’ll learn game from the ground up from Tyler who will show you everything from micro-communication to advanced body gestures and beyond.
  • If you only get laid with ugly chicks and scraps. You’ll discover how to open yourself up to meeting, attracting and dating perfect 10’s without compromising on your personality or anything else for that matter. Never again will you need to settle for women that you don’t like.


Below are some questions about the Real Social Dynamics – The Blueprint Decoded product:

Is this a digital product?

No. It’s a 20 disc DVD set that is sent to you by post after you order.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. A full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Click here to learn more about Real Social Dynamics – The Blueprint Decoded.

7 Ratings

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7 User Ratings

  1. Gary gave it 4.75 stars average.

    This is an absolutely must have product. I love this so much, the concepts and philosiphy. How to become the ultimate natural and be the best person your meant to be. This takes the crappy tactics and routines out of creepy pick up artists who hide behind a mask to cover their true inner selves and manipulate women into attraction. This dvd set.. points you into the direction of becoming the sexworthy guy who dosent need routines or pickup lines, pickup is pretty much effortless because its not a doing but what he is, that guy who has the rockstyle abundance and just pulls… has a life you can only dream of. how does he go about doing this ? well pickup is 100% inner game and state. How do you get pretty much 100% consistency ? its about having total belief in yourself, having 100% pure core confidence. How does this help get you the abundance lifetsyle you crave ? if your 100% rooted about who you are you dont need to look for peoples validations or reactions or for ways on how to behave, you know who you are. Of course people who try too hard to impress people end up being unattractive and when people can see your 100% rooted with who you are you become a very attractive person because yourself is always coming through in your behaviour. Biggest mistake men make in interations with women is trying to be the person they think the woman would like and this never works, women will always see in your subcommunication your not congruent with who your trying to project and they can spot this a mile off. Attraction with women is not about looks but subcommunication. When your so comfortable in yourself you feel completely relaxed, your not needy at all, you can completely be yourself and use humour you find self amusing, your voice, your vibe the way you carry yourself when you have core confidence is the ultimate attraction to women and is the real meaning of ‘value’. aswell as going deep into this his bit about social conditioning about how society has shaped our personalities is absolute gold and this is the main reason 95% of people dont find this core confidence which is the key mastery. Its 20 hours of life changing information. i can keep listening to this and find new information everytime, my behaviours have changed and i really do believe if you take on board this information your life will seriously change, you watch it and things just click about what you done wrong in life and how to better yourself. The community needs to go natural because as i said i cant stand this canned routines and creepy tactics stuff, this dvd will explain how you will never get to mastery relying on tactics as going into your head is bad for you. The road to naturalness is a hard road but one that will pay off so so much. The dvd teaches you about giving value to peoples lives and this i love. just a brilliant programme packed with so much gold information. lightyears ahead of any pickup dvd and i think i like it so much because essentialy it isnt really about pickup but deep identity level change and making you become the best person your meant to be and totally authentic. Cant reccomend it highly enough.

  2. Alan, wales UK gave it 5 stars average.

    wow! ok i’ve just listened to part 2 and man … SPECHLESS! i havent even the whole program yet and i had to put a review because that part 2 man is the best thing i had ever heard… or … saw. im still in ore about it and i watched it 2 hours ago and cannot think about nething else. tyler’s examples are amazing and it really opened my eyes. this is a must get! ill post another review after i seen the whole program. by the way on part 1 where tyler asks what a couple of people thought of a film… transporter or something and when he tried to get the audience gee’d up, like 1/2 hour in. that was hilarious man. neway im just rambling now. i got to say thanks tyler… you’ve changed my life.

  3. Joe, LA gave it 3.75 stars average.

    I viewed those DVDs about 6 months ago for the first time and found that it changed my perception of the world.
    Tyler has respect for his audience, he is not affraid of dealing with deep concepts.
    I think this really helped me put a name on things I was doing unconsciously, like “overgaming”, or “advanced supplication”. Defining love as a self-hypnosis.
    Since the first time I watched this DVD set, I improved a lot my game and even got a few lays (that had not happened in 2 years). I am watching it again now and with my greater experience it takes a whole new meaning and I am getting more out of it. This is not about giving you ready-to-apply tactics, this is about understanding how tactics/routines can work, and helping you develop your own tactics that will work for you.
    Stop seeing pick up as a chore and start to actually enjoy meeting women…

  4. J, NC gave it 5 stars average.

    This is an in depth discussion on becoming a man who dictates his own reality and who doesn’t try to live up to his standards, but dictates his own.

    Rather than discussing inner or outer game, he explains concepts to you related to both and relates ever concept directly to game and life.

    He goes into what makes you “click” and how to get consistent success and how to break free of trends and start your own.

    You learn how to get the REAL hotties instead of girls you are moderately attracted to. How to be cool and own yourself. The reality of a guy who is successful with women.

    It goes deep, if it is a bit pricey, i’ll say you can save time and money buying this rather than spending money on other things or learning “lines” this is about building a lifestyles and being able to get girls regardless of it.

    reviews should be based on how it change your life not on how much lines/info/you’ve heard before ~ based it on actually APPLYING it and how much you applying it changes you life!!!

    i will never be the same, i finally have success directly due to dropping all the BS and doing this…. good luck!!!

  5. mDawg gave it 3.5 stars average.

    Ok here’s the deal:

    – Contains absolutely essential ‘inner game’ concepts that are applicable and necessary for ANYTHING in life, definitely for being attractive to women.

    – Presented thoroughly and with passion. Tyler wrote he wants to be the new Anthony Robbins, well Anthony Robbins he is certainly not, basically Tyler’s just shouting. However, he does deliver his message with true devotion, and it’s the thought that counts. He believes in his word strongly.

    – It’s an inner game product all the way. If you want any ‘tactics’, you’re looking in the wrong DVD set.

    – Tyler’s ideas are excellent realizations, and they are new in the SEDUCTION COMMUNITY. But if you’re an avid veteran self help fan like moi, literally NOTHING he says is new. You’ve heard it all before plenty of times throughout the self help literature. Once again, not in the seduction community literature specifically. People, don’t be ignorant. Mystery didn’t invent evolution and Tyler didn’t invent ‘trusting yourself’ and ‘being authentic’. If you believe that they did, then it shows that you’re way too involved in the ‘community’ microworld and have no clue about self growth literature beyond it. Blueprint is a rehash of GREAT ESSENTIAL ideas, but still a rehash.

    – very very very high price. I know RSD invested in surround sound and HD quality or whatever, but hell, it’s just a lecture! Who needs HD quality? I would recommend buying the CD version but the problem is it doesn’t even cut the price that much. Clearly RSD’s business masterminds are aiming to marketing this primarily to their die hard devoted fans. Someone who knows the market would realize a message as the one that tyler delivers clearly cannot be priced at $600, when similar self help literature is abundant, albeit not written by certified P.U.A.’s.

    – To recap: awesome content, not new but new to those who focus exclusively on the ‘community’. Tyler does a great job, not Anthony Robbins yet but still delivering with passion. RSD business team either got it all wrong or wish to market to the die hard crowd and therefore don’t mind hyping the price. Well if Mystery sold a DVD for $2500, I guess die hard crowd don’t mind paying $600. Lesson: don’t be a die hard crowd :) Personally, I don’t regret buying it because I’m an avid self help collector, and overall it’s good work by Tyler.


  6. john, st louis gave it 4.5 stars average.

    Wow, I have been studying PU for about 3 months, everything from Mind of Mystery, to Mehow. I love it all to tell you the truth. There is some junk in the material I have studied. I have been doing personal developement for years, on Psychology, human relations, and business.
    I must say this is some of the most profound stuff I have ever heard. It really cuts to the Core of YOU. Which You is really what pick up is all about. To master this stuff taught in the blueprint is not going to be easy, but will defenitly smoke any canned routines used out there. It really does away with all of the canned stuff, if you can grasp the concepts in this program.
    The only reason why someone would give this a bad review in my opinion is because they are looking for the quick fixes or the easy way out.

  7. RoadMap gave it 4.5 stars average.

    Tyler states in towards the beginning that this is an “advanced game” product, and he’s right.

    I watched this nonstop 4 months ago, and I had a week of peak game. After 2 years of “trying”, reacting to my environment and manipulating girls in order to attract them, I watched this and had close to 100% success. I was opening without hesitation, had 10’s (in terms of looks) walking up to me and begin sexual touching and people listened to me in life.

    After this success, I was sure I had found the cure. But then….

    after about a week, I had lost it. I became too overly idealistic. I tried to always be on state (I had lots of resistance), I was back to being impatient, I tried to control others even more. Four months of suffering, except now it was worse. I knew I could have flawless game but that it wasn’t working, so my off nights were even worse.

    In addition, it seemed like new problems were evolving. I was always paranoid of peoples reactions to me, I kept analyzing their RAS and I no longer saw people as on my team, but as rivals and competitors always fighting for status. New dilemmas kept coming up. For instance, I didn’t know whether to let alpha with large ego attempt to role-play me and get larger status or if I should have set a boundary, and said no. I was at a loss.

    That’s when I decided to watch the DVDs again. This time, it seemed like I knew even more than before! All of my dilemmas were solved, I could walk down the street with good state no matter what I felt or how others reacted to my presence and I no longer felt like others were the prize. More importantly, I became a better person.

    It seemed like this program was meant for people to watch but not get everything. Then, after they live their lives with the more superficial concepts, they come back and learn more and so they attain the next plateau on the learning curve. A few months later, I’ll come back and I’m sure to see improvement then.

    This also discussed many of the technical aspects found in routine-based game. Frame control, shaping, reward and punishment, direct vs indirect, validation game, congruence tests, etc…

    Overall, this is the best product ever for PUAs. Not only does it set off newbies on the right foot, but it becomes a guide for intermediates who want to become natural and it solidifies concepts and solves dilemmas for the advanced students.

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