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Richard La Ruina: The Natural Art Of Seduction Book Review – A Proven System For Attracting Women

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In this Richard La Ruina - The Natural Art Of Seduction Book Review you'll learn how Gambler became one of Europe's top seducers and why.



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Richard La Ruina - The Natural Art Of Seduction Review

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If you’ve spoken to thousands of women, trained thousands of men all over the world and been crowned as Europe’s top pick up artist – you would think that your game would be rock solid and you would have a refined system that any guy can use right? Well this is exactly what Gambler has done since he decided one day back in 2005 to change his life with women forever.

Richard’s system has been developed and refined over many years through practicing and testing out theory given to him by other naturals in the game. His results have been nothing less than amazing, with a string of beautiful women on his arms, celebrity mingling and success stories from guys from every walk of life, using his exact system to improve their game.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Modeling people – How to model successful characters in every day life so that you can emit the same level of success and shape your own thoughts and feelings, that dramatically improve your game.
  • Body language – What every guy needs to know about body language and why it’s so incredibly important in attracting and eventually seducing women. If you don’t use body language correctly, you’ll have a much harder time of seducing women.
  • State control – How to use state shifting to help your energy levels, mindset, confidence and overall feelings during an interaction with women. You’ll be able to connect with women better, anchor certain feelings and use those same feelings at a later date when you feel down.
  • The three characters of seduction – How to use the most important characters in seduction to make women fall for you much quicker. These characters are used by some of the best naturals and will definitely work for you.

How do you know if Richard La Ruina – The Natural Art Of Seduction Book is right for you?

  • If you find yourself playing games instead of going out meeting women. You’ll learn how to change your life with women forever, just by following the same crucial path that Richard followed. Your experiences will be different but the path is mostly the same.
  • If you don’t know how to talk to women, what body language is or how to sexually escalate. You’ll learn the techniques for building attraction, boosting sexual tension and seducing women wherever you are.
  • If women never look at you in a sexual way and you always end up being their friend. You’ll learn about changing your look so that you improve your chances of attracting women greatly. Men don’t understand that fashion is essential for attraction!


Below are some questions about the Richard La Ruina – The Natural Art Of Seduction Book product:

Will this seriously help me attract women?

Yes. It’s a system that is proven which Richard still uses to this day to attract women.

Click here to learn more about Richard La Ruina – The Natural Art Of Seduction Book.

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2 User Ratings

  1. Joe, Italy gave it 4.75 stars average.

    The book is easy to read and it explains the overall steps necessary to get good with women and also tells the story of Gambler’s joruney from zero to hero.

    It’s not an extensive book, but it gives the basics of PU, I would reccomend it for beginners.

    It’s not a must have, it’s not one of those book you need to review more than twice, but the good thing is that is easy to absorb and can get you started in the process of learning pickup

  2. Pantagruel gave it 4.5 stars average.

    I like this guy. I stumbled into a video he did a couple of years ago on body language. I enjoy this autobiographical read which he sold to me for like a penny plus shipping. Much of it is just his personal experience with a kind of field report feel to it, but he also braids some good technique and advice within its pages too. I have used several bits and lines from this book and some of his other stuff. I like his body language advice which seemed weird until I tested it and, hey, it worked. Only complaint: this guy is already really good looking and something of a natural to boot (although perhaps a late bloomer). I like to take advice from ugly but successful PUAs. Also I can tell some of the photos are just hot chicks he bumped into at parties and he took a picture with them (not that there’s anything wrong with that. Kind of nice opening, DHV technique). All in all, a good perspective on our subculture from Great Britain with some new ideas and new slants on old ideas.

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