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Real Social Dynamics: Transformations Review – Counter Intuitive Pick Up Secrets From 5 Dating Experts

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In this Real Social Dynamics - Transformations Review you'll learn how to totally transform yourself and become the ladies man you've always wanted.



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Real Social Dynamics - Transformations Review

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If you truly want to learn how to master pickup and be able to attract any woman you desire, you must totally transform into the kind of guy that naturally appeals to women, without having to try. This is what the main RSD instructors decided to do, they transformed everything about themselves, from their fashion and physique to their mindset and body language… everything you can imagine.

This program takes you through their journey as they spill the beans on EVERYTHING they learned about transforming themselves. The shortcuts, emotional pitfalls, disastrous mistakes and awesome tips. So if you’re looking for that change in life, that dramatic change that will take you on a completely different journey, this is the course for you.

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Here’s just some of what you get

  • Powerful mental exercises that will allow you to eliminate approach anxiety forever, build your confidence naturally on a daily basis and level out your emotions, so that you can remain calm in even the most heated of conversations (taking control of your emotions is crucial for success with women).
  • Killer tips for your fashion and physique that will take you from a normal looking dude to a guy who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to style and who has a body that women sexually desire.
  • Step by step methods for all types of interactions with women, from building sexual tension and kissing to taking her back for a one night lay and even turning her into a long term girlfriend.

How do you know if Real Social Dynamics – Transformations Review is right for you?

  • If you’ve been learning about game for a while but haven’t made any breakthrough changes yet. You’ll learn the exact steps you must take if you want to make a dramatic shift in your life and slowly start to transform every critical area that will help you master the art of picking up women.
  • If you have several sticking points which you need to get over. You’ll learn a logical process (and a few shortcuts) that will help you get over any sticking point you have, whether it’s with fashion, your body, your mind, girlfriends, sex, emotional issues… anything.
  • If you’re ready for a REAL change in your life and a different path. You’ll learn how you can leave behind your old life and begin to open up incredible opportunities based on spontaneous experiences.


Below are some questions about the Real Social Dynamics – Transformations Review product:

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. A full 30 days to give it a try and see what you think.

Is this a digital course?

No. It’s a physical DVD or CD course that is delivered once you order it.

Click here to learn more about Real Social Dynamics – Transformations Review.

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6 User Ratings

  1. john, la gave it 3 stars average.

    This is about RSD instructors giving their own point of view on pick up and on life. What is interesting is too see that each of them has a specific style : Tim is the surfer, Oozie the latin lover, Hoobie the little asian pimp, jeffy the cool dude…
    so it’s interesting to see that there is not just one way to be attractive. you dont have to be a Mystery style effeminate goth to have success.
    what these people say is not as interesting IMHO as how they say it, buy these DVDs to see the subcommunications that these guys send, and get a feeling of their attitude.
    the most interesting speaker for me was Oozie, he actually helped me go beyond the “entertainer” syndrome, and close.

  2. Jay gave it 1.5 stars average.

    This was a horrible product.

    I think if you edited together all the actual useful bits of the DVD series, you might have a 45 minute DVD.

    For example:

    Tim is the first speaker. He starts off talking about his teen years, being hurt by a fat, obnoxious girl. Then he memorizes a poem and by sheer delusional confidence snatches up the hottest girl in his little town. Then he goes to RSD and discovers his poem isn’t enough, but his confidence is what makes him successful.

    So then he has everyone chant, “My game is a 10!”

    Then he talks about picking up an hot blonde girl, taking her to a DJ party, scaring off a big burly bouncer, and having the chick drag him home. Then he talks about picking up a rich, bored wife in vegas and having her ask him to stay with her for a few days as a gigilo (or that was my impression).

    At some point he talks briefly about his Rosetta stone, which is basically, “Don’t have your voice go up at the end of sentences.” and to make the girl emotional, both of which are wildly inadequate descriptions of how to be powerful and seductive. He also talks about how women perceive men, which I found to be the only useful part of his disc.

    And this isn’t me being rough on them. The entire series is like that. Every disc has one or two useful tidbits in a sea of crowd-pleasing anecdotes.

    This is definitely not worth the money I laid out for it.

    There are other products I would recommend a thousand times over before I ever told someone to pick this up.

  3. Adam Edney-Renegade UK gave it 2 stars average.

    Tyler kicks off this second RSD release with a brief introduction stating Everything that I release I’m going to do is going to be Original, Fresh, New and Tight. I’m not going to be rehashing the same material over and over……

    I would recommend that anyone who owns RSD Foundations sits down with a pen and a A4 pad and writes word for word the key pick up sticking points that Tyler discusses on that collection as lot of it was verbal and due to some poor Power Point skills may have been missed first time around.

    Why? Because it gets repeated here by Tyler’s and the Real Social Dynamics Finest Instructors. Tim, Hoobie, Ozzie and Jeffy (a.k.a Jlaix). You’d think they’d call this release RSD- Attack of the Clones. Baring in mind there has never been a single in-field video of success with women and nothing but horror stories of RSD bootcamps it’s not hard to see why.

    I didn’t like Tim…sorry. He was flaky, his (boring) story was drawn out and non-believable (even in a pick up sense), very little real pick up advice and the My Game is a 10 is inner game at its lamest. He also claims to be the Rosetta Stone of pick up- (a term originally coined by Neil Strauss in the Game). If Tim is half as successful as he says he is- I need photos please.
    I noticed that a lot of fans of Hoobie liked him especially his PUA affirmations….you know the ones that start with- I am proud of my desires as a man?
    Well they weren’t his…. see for the original author.

    Ozzie despite being Spanish reminds me of every sleazy foreign waiter who pulls drunk females on Holidays. There is one photo of him closing in his presentation- however the girl is probably a 6, very drunk and not in some fancy club…..oh they aren’t kiss closing they just dancing. If this is what it means to be an RSD instructor then call me….ok Tyler?

    Jeffy (Jlaix)
    First of all can I re-direct your eyes and ears towards this page
    Yep that is Jeffy and after watching Discs 5 & 6 I feel ripped off that this was filmed after Transformations after Jeffy said he promised to clean up his act lose weight and quit drinking….for the whole of his presentation.

    So what does that leave us with? Well there are some very good book recommendations on offer here. However I will not ruin RSDs business by telling you what they are- just pay $369.00 to find out.

    PS: I never purchased The Blueprint after this- did I miss anything good?

  4. johnny S gave it 5 stars average.

    RSD are amongst the current leaders in new information and new perspectives, and after watching Transformations, it is a great mix of useable information and thrilling inspiration.

    My favourite presenter was Hoobie, that guy really made me feel energised and excited. After watching his piece I felt like I could take on the world.
    The other guys – the famous Tyler Durden, Jeffy, Tim and Ozzie were pretty damn cool also.

    A very worthwhile investment, and a great one to watch over the week in preparation for a wekend of havoc!

  5. Andrew C gave it 5 stars average.

    I picked up this product last weekend without much expectations. RSD seem to have gotten a lot of haters over the years due to the notorious goings on of the Project Hollywood, but these days with so many fly by night start ups in the dating products and bootcamps scene, RSD have come out as one of the true old school guys – with so much experience, I thought it would be worth the money to see what they have to say for themselves given the years of collective experience amongst their dating coaches.

    My verdict: a TRUE high quality product.

    The first punch in the line up was TIM and I do have to say, it was easily a knock out blow. The way he talks, his sense of rhythm, and his wacky Australian stories draws you and it’s easy to see why girls are drawn into him. I learnt a great deal from just observing him. His stories were probably a little bit wacky for me to use straight off the bat, but I did get the concepts behind them.

    Next up was OZZIE, a high energy spanish guy whose “run the train” and “close, close, close!” mantra will forever be inside my head. His segment drove home a point that is all too crucial in the seduction game.

    After that was HOOBIE, a baby faced asian guy who blew me away with the level of thought and insight that becomes so ingrained and integrated during your path to become a cool guy. Everything about this guy screamed chilled out pimp. His demeanor was instantly likable and it was easy to see how girls would feel the initial attraction but more importantly the genuine sense of rapport and comfort this guy generates. His segment was the most relatable for me out of the line up.

    Finally there was TYLER, probably the most anticipated and well known in the crew. I actually had to watch his segment a couple of times – upon the first viewing I thought his story was actually a bit of a downer. And kept wondering if here was a guy who spent too much time thinking about this stuff to the point of total abstraction. I think given the stage I’m at now, his will part make sense to me 6 months down the line given some more experience.

    All in all an absolute first class production, with a great rounding of knowledge. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  6. llj2kll gave it 4 stars average.

    This gives you the complete story of how the RSD guys came to be the masters they are today. It shatters all your realities of pickup lines, tricks, tactics and routines, and focuses on inner game. It has given me the ATTITUDE that you need to carry in order to be an attractive male, and helped me to see how hard it is to transform yourself, it’s not an overnight process, but if you keep at it you can never fail. It was very motivating to hear the stories of what EACH RSD guy had to go through in order to get better at his own game, and there are many different personality types in their group that one can relate to. Tyler also had some great messages and insights about how most guys approach learning this, and gets in the right headspace to get to wear you want to be.

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